VOB is one of the most popular formats that DVD player compatible with. It functions as a kind of container, which stores multi data of contents like video, audio, subtitles, DVD menus and navigations into one form on DVD. It needs specific programs and devices to identify and stream its files, so normally people just watch the video through DVD player.

However, many people want to transfer and watch the VOB file on their computer. Then it comes up with a problem that the players installed on your computer are mostly incompatible with this format. To solve the problem, it’s a good solution to convert VOB to other compatible formats. As Media player is a popular player installed on PC, the following will introduce three feasible methods to convert VOB to WMV.

Method one: Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

If you want a free VOB to WMV converter, you can turn to this free online converter which requires no registration, charging, downloading or installation, saving your precious time and energy from the annoying steps. You can use it directly the moment you open the website. Moreover, you have a wide range of output formats to choose, from video to audio formats. Also, you are capable of customize the video by selecting available advanced settings so as to trim, crop, rotate video as well as to realize other intentios. The process is totally easy that you can follow the step by step guides to convert VOB to WMV online.

  • Go to the website of Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter.
  • Click “Browse” button and it will pop up window asking for Java permission.
  • Select “Run” to ensure the access of Java.
  • Choose your target format “WMV”.
  • Click “Convert” button and choose a folder to save in. If you have any other needs, you can turn to the advanced settings, such as to change resolution, bitrate, frame rate and many others.
  • Wait a while and the time depends on the length of imported video.

Method two: Apowersoft Video Converter Studio

If you are not satisfied with the basic function of conversion, you can refer to this superior tool to transform VOB files to WMV. Except the wide range of formats it supports to convert, it also enables you to edit and add subtitles to the target video. Within the editing function, you are allowed to trim, crop, customize effect of the video. While under the tab of subtitle settings, you can plug in subtitles from external file and customize the font with various options. It’s a professional converter and you can download and install first to experience.


  • After installation, the first step to convert VOB to WMV is to launch the converter.
  • Click “Add” to choose a VOB video from your hard disk.
  • Choose WMV as output format from “Profile” option.
  • Select an output folder to save it in PC.
  • Click “Convert” button.

VOB to WMV converter

Method three: Apowersoft Video Converter for Mac

If you are a Mac user, then an ordinary converter may not run smoothly on your computer. How to convert VOB to WMV on a Mac computer? You should employ a professional converter designed for Mac exclusively to make it come true. Running seamlessly on Mac, it empowers you to convert video without quality loss and simultaneously allows you to download videos from internet directly. In a word, it is a one stop solution that you are able to watch videos with the in-laid player, then download a favorite video and finally accessible to convert video to other formats. You can download and install it to have a try.


  • Run the converter.
  • Click “Add” to choose a target VOB video.
  • Under the “Profile” bar, choose a preferred format WMV.
  • Select a folder to save in under Output option.
  • Click “Convert” and wait for a moment.

VOB converter for Mac

To conclude, if you want an instant solution, then online converter is your best advice. If you want superior professional software, then the second is your best choice that you can employ other available functions. As per Mac users, Video Converter for Mac is the most suitable tool to solve your problem. You can choose either of them to transform VOB files to WMV.

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