SWF or Shockwave Flash is a multimedia file format created by Macromedia which is specifically designed to support online animations, streaming games, videos and more. It is now owned by Adobe. Many online videos and animations are now using such file format. If you happen to came across funny streaming videos, online clips, mini games, inspiring video animations and more, they are more likely made out of SWF. If you want to extract audio files out from SWF videos and make it playable on most media devices, then read below and discover efficient solutions on how to convert SWF file to MP3.

  1. Free online solution to convert SWF to MP3 for free
  2. Windows Solution to extract MP3 file from SWF video
  3. Mac Solution to convert SWF file to MP3 audio file

Three top solutions to free convert SWF to MP3

Solution 1: Apowersoft Free Online Audio Converter

If you don’t want to install additional tools on your computer, Apowersoft free online video converter is the most appropriate tool you need. It can convert SWF to MP3 online and supports major audio files such as WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC and many others. Compare to the same kind apps, one of the best feature that this free online video converter has is it doesn’t contain any limits. Once you go to the webpage, you can start to convert files. The conversion speed is very fast and the converted file quality is well kept.
What also makes it best is it supports converting files in batch mode. Note that you’ll be asked to install a launcher to use the app for the first-time use.

convert SWF file to MP3

Audio settings are hided in the interface. You can adjust bitrate quality, sound channel and sample rate according to your likings. Using it is pretty simple that even novice users will find it a breeze.

edit SWF MP3

Solution 2: Files Conversion

Another tool that lets you free convert SWF to MP3 is the files conversion online application. Again, you don’t need to download the software and there are no registrations or memberships required. You can use it to convert popular formats such as 3GP, AMV, AVI, DV, SWF, VOB and make your videos playable on your tablet or smartphone.

file conversion

With this tool, the interface is very appealing and it keeps up with its promise of free conversion but there are drawbacks you need to consider such as slow conversion speed and limited audio settings. Furthermore, the converted audio needs to be downloaded by selecting “save link as”.

Solution 3: Free SWF to MP3 converter

When it comes to diversity of supported files, Free File Convert is a clear winner because it can read tons of media files from .doc to .fb2. Using it is also simple just like the two methods listed above, all you need to do is to Click “Choose File” button to input the SWF file and select MP3 as the output format, then hit “Convert” button.


The poor side of this tool is the limitation to the file size. It only supports to convert the video at most in 300 MB size for free. That means you are only able to convert small size video. Moreover, converting process is also slow which makes it inappropriate for on-the-go users. True that it can convert part of SWF files to MP3 for free yet you are only given 12 hours to download the converted files. If you miss to download the audio file within the given time allowance, you need to re-convert it once again.

Shareware to Convert SWF file to MP3 for Windows

If you are in need of a premium tool that can do more than just extracting audio from a SWF file, check out Apowersoft Video Converter Studio.


Unlike free SWF to MP3 converter, this software not only gives you the basic ability to convert both audio and video files, but you can also use it to edit outputs. With it, you can perform additional tasks such as adding external subtitles, appending audio files, merging pieces of videos into one, trimming contents, cropping videos, setting brightness, adjusting contrast and more.

convert video to MP3

This software supports high quality conversion from 720P to 1080P while you can convert files to newer media formats such as those on android, iPad, iPod, iPhone, HTML5, PSP, etc. Luckily, there is a free trial available if you want to try its amazing features.

You can also try recording the file as an MP3 audio file if you cannot convert SWF files.

record SWF as MP3

Convert SWF video to MP3 on Mac OS X computer

If you are a Mac user, you may need a video converting tool for Mac, please check out Apowersoft Video Converter for Mac.


This Mac video converter is an excellent tool to convert various video/audio format files. Hence it can be used as SWF to MP3 converter for Mac to convert flash SWF video to MP3 on Mac OS X.


All of the above methods are proven to be effective ways to convert SWF video to MP3. Select the right tool based from your needs but be sure to check out if it can convert files in lightning speed and if it supports unlimited file conversion with no size restriction. Finally, the best online software should give you various output settings for easy customization and audio personalization.

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