Simple Guide on How to Convert PDF to Image

Simple Guide on How to Convert PDF to Image

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PDF is a well-known document format used by many people across the globe. It’s used by educators, students, businessmen, ordinary citizens and so on. However, there might be a time when you want to convert PDF to image format so that you can view and transfer the file easily. Alternatively, there may be numerous images attached in a PDF, file and converting the whole file into an image is a better option. Some may think that converting a PDF to a picture format is quite tricky or confusing, but by using the proper tools it can be done easily. To learn simple ways to turn a PDF file into an image, please keep reading.

Converting a PDF to Images on Different Platforms

Windows OS: ApowerPDF

For Windows OS users, you can easily turn any PDF into a picture format by using ApowerPDF. This program is jam-packed, providing users with everything that they need for their PDF document, from editing needs such as adding annotations, images, and links to page management tools such as deleting, inserting, and adding watermarks. It is also equipped with the function to add encryption, signatures, comments, and it supports OCR technology as well.

Video for PDF to Image

To convert a PDF to an image, this tool has a built-in converter function that can turn any PDF file into various image formats with just a few clicks. It supports converting PDFs to PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIFF etc. Here’s what you need to do:

Mac OS: Preview

If you are a Mac OS user, the easiest way to convert a PDF file to a picture is by using Preview. As we all know, Preview is the default picture viewer for Mac OS and it can handle PDF viewing as well. This program loads any PDF file smoothly without altering the document and it provides basic editing functions such adding text, signatures, highlights, etc. Aside from these features, this tool is also capable of converting a PDF file into other image formats. For those who are unfamiliar with this function here’s how it works.

export pdf

Chrome OS: PDF to Image Converter

If you are a Chrome OS user, then you can consider utilizing this program to convert a PDF to an image online. This tool is a Chrome extension that works perfectly as soon as you open your Chrome browser. This program is a file converting application that is specifically made to handle PDF files. Users can compress PDFs and convert PDFs to JPGs and vice versa, Word to PDF, Excel files to PDF, and PPT files to PDF. It is indeed a decent way to convert a PDF document into an image.

convert PDF to Image in Chrome

Only one image format is supported, which is JPG and the extension requires an internet connection for it to work. Additionally it takes extra time to upload the file first before conversion. Here is how to convert a PDF into an image with this application.

These tools are the most efficient PDF to image converters that you can rely on for your everyday tasks. Below are some tips to help you decide which type of image format you need for your converted PDF.

Tips for Popular Image Formats: PNG,JPG,TIFF,BMP and GIF

PNG format

PNG (Portable Network Graphics): This well-known image format supports 8 bit transparency. It is considered an advanced version of GIF with more color efficiency.


JPG (Joint Photographic Group): This format is the most recognizable that circulates across the net due to its small file size. However, JPG uses a loss compression in saving images, which discards some of the image information to maintain a small size.


TIFF (Tagged Image File Format): Known for having bigger file size, this format is the most commonly utilized industry-standard image format. It is uncompressed, allowing for extensive manipulations via photo editing software.


BMP (Bitmap): This format provides richer colors and higher quality images, which leads to its huge file size. It is currently the default format for wallpaper on any Windows OS device.


GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) : This format suits graphics, cartoons, diagrams, and anything that requires fewer colors. GIF can provide animation effects making pictures move for a few seconds.

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