MXF stands for Material Exchange Format and is a fairly new file extension designed by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. More than your usual multimedia file extension, MXF is actually a container format that houses video, audio and bitstream data. It is the modern counterpart of the very obsolete videotape. Majority of MXF files can be seen on video recorders and cameras.

Even though new, still many files online are dubbed as MXF files. Sometimes you can see them on downloaded movies, ripped clips, email attachments and all others. But not all multimedia players can open MXF files. You need to either download a special plug-in or find a program that is capable of reading it. To this end, the most convenient method to open MXF files is to convert MXF to MOV. Compare to the former, MOV file formats are more universal, web-friendly and gadget supported.

Two Free Methods to Convert MXF Files to MOV

Method 1: Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

One of the best ways to convert MXF files without much of a hassle is through the use of Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter. Unlike desktop converters that you need to install, it is a cloud based application that does everything online. For end users, this only means no more PC installation, membership, signing-up and registrations. Using this web-based tool is also free of charge without restrictions on video length and times of usage.

Designed for users who are always on-the-go, this free program can quickly convert MXF video to MOV online. All you need is a good internet connection, few clicks then you’re done. Using it is likewise simple – just upload the file you want to convert, select your desired output format, tweak video settings as you wish, hit the “Convert” button then you can download the converted files from browser. You can use it to convert as many files as you want, including large movies, clips which are small in size and more.

Free online video converter UI

What makes this free online application great is that users can adjust video settings according to their likings. You can select the resolution up to 1080p, custom bitrate and frame rate options. Furthermore, it supports a wide variety of file formats such as WMV, MP4, 3GP, DV, FLV, VOB, MOV, AVI, SWF and WEBM together with various audio extensions.

Method 2: Aiseesoft Free MXF Converter

Another freeware that you could take advantage of is the Aiseesoft Free MXF Converter. However unlike the first one, it is a desktop application that needs to be installed. This free MXF to MOV converter supports other formats such as MP4, AVI and WMV. You can also use it to extract audio track from an MXF file. It is compatible with all Windows version but you need to have at least 512MB of RAM.

screenshot of free MXF converter

It can be downloaded free of charge on their website while Apple users should check out the other version which is Mac compatible. Although free, it has limitations, one of which is the inability to adjust output video settings. You cannot adjust the video’s resolution, bitrate and frame rate options. To bypass this limitation and to unlock other features, purchasing the paid version will do the trick.

An Outstanding Shareware to Convert MXF to MOV Format

Because most of them can only do limited conversion or cost you much time to go through, you are unsatisfied with applications that free convert MXF to MOV, time to look at some great alternatives such as the Apowersoft Video Converter Studio. This software supports tons of multimedia files from popular video extensions to different audio formats. You can even convert files to directly play them on your gadget because this tool can export to iPhone, Android smartphone, tablets, PSP, iPad and HTML5 compatible extensions.


Beyond the capability to convert MXF files to MOV in a blazing fast speed, this premium software has a built-in editing tool that you can use to crop, merge as well as edit videos. Additionally, you can add and edit subtitles using the same software. Converting videos with 1:1 quality, customizing output setting, supporting for newer gadgets, and reliable conversion speed are just some of the things you can get with this outstanding program.

convert video to mov with Apowersoft video converter

There are many MXF to MOV converters now available in the market. If you are going to use it just once, an online converter might meet your needs. Though, heavy as well as professional users should invest on a feature-filled desktop app that can do tons of things more than just simply converting.

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