Audio Video Interleave (AVI) is a container format that was introduced by Microsoft as part of Video for Windows software. Even though videos in avi format can be played in most popular electronic devices, they are not available for iTunes. It can only support MP4 and other Quicktime format video files so that many AVI videos may not be directly added to iTunes. In this case, iPhone and iPad users need to make use of a good converter to convert AVI to iTunes and then they can watch or play AVI files with great ease.

Here are the converters which can help you convert AVI files so that you’ll be able to watch or play AVI files on your iPhone or iPad.

Two Awesome Tools for AVI to iTunes Conversion

Simple and Free Converter Online

Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter is a web-based tool designed for converting a file format into another format. If you wish not to install any software in your computer, then this free online tool is the perfect choice for you. Unlike any other free applications, this tool comes with no limitation of how many files you can convert. Moreover, it will not waste a lot of your time because the procedure is so fast. In short, this is free but very reliable. In order to know how to convert AVI to iTunes, review the steps that follow:


Go to Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter website

Since it is an online tool, you first need to go to page. Once you reach the page, you’ll eventually see the free online tool.


Select the file to convert

On the page, click on “Browse” button and then choose the file that you want to convert from your computer.


Choose the output format

On the “Output Settings”, click on MP4 or any other format that can be played on iTunes. In addition to this, you can also customize the video and audio settings. You can also access the “Advanced Settings” where you can trim and crop such file.

online way to convert

To fully understand the features of the tool, please see its pros and cons below.


  1. No needs to download or install anything to PC.
  2. Extremely free and easy to use.
  3. No annoying ads will pop-up to disturb your operation.
  4. Advanced settings are available for you to configure.
  5. Various video and audio formats are supported by this online tool.


  1. Its conversion speed is slow if the video size is too big.
  2. Edit function is not that convenient since the video cannot be viewed.
  3. This online tool does not support to add the subtitle feasibly.

Professional and Powerful Desktop Program

One more helpful tool to use in converting AVI to iTunes is Apowersoft Video Converter Studio. This is a desktop tool which allows you to use it even without internet connection. This tool is more professional as compared with the first one. It can convert AVI files into some other formats that you desire without changing its quality. Furthermore, this tool comes with helpful editor which allows users to trim, crop, add effect and subtitles in a video. It can also help in merging pieces of clips to make them as one video. To use it, review the steps below:



Download and install the application

You first need to download the application and have it installed in your computer before using it. Click the download button below to get the application.


Launch the application and open the AVI file

After installing, launch the application and click on the “Add files” tab so that the tool will let you select the AVI file that you will convert. Have the AVI file placed on the tool.


Choose the output format

Click on “Profile” and choose the output format that you like.


Start converting

Click on “Convert” button to start with the conversion. The file will be saved in your PC once the conversion is done.

desktop way to convert

Even much better, this utility has a built-in player where you can instantly play the converted file. And it allows you to convert all files in batch and merge them to one file. Except those multiple video and audio formats, this program also provides some optimized output presets for you to convert videos directly for Apple, Android, Sony, etc. However, since it is a desktop software, it requires downloading and installation before using it. And it takes longer time with regards to converting multiple files at the same time. Anyway, it is indeed a great AVI to iTunes converter which is of good value to try.


Those are the AVI to iTunes converter that you can use. Both of them are useful and can help you in terms of converting. The first one can be used at your convenience provided that you have an internet connection available while the second one can be used wherever you are – and even without an internet connection. Furthermore, the second one has a lot more features as compared to the online that can serve your different requirements. Hope you can select the most perfect one to utilize for converting AVI to iTunes.

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