AVI is a powerful digital format which contains both audio and video data. It is generally supported by Windows platform but not Mac or mobile devices. If you want to watch AVI files on Mac or some mobile devices, it is far from enough putting it on our mobile. You also need to convert it to 3GP format before transfer. Because 3GP is a common video format widely used on mobile phones like BlackBerry, HTC, etc for video playback. So in order to play AVI videos on 3G mobile phone more conveniently, here this post will work you through some liable solutions on converting AVI to 3GP.

Feasible Solutions for AVI to 3GP Conversion

Here we will review several video conversion tools to solve video incompatible issues, with the fact that there’re many useful video converters available all over the web, you can check the following part to choose the most preferable one for utilizing.

Simple Method to Transcode AVI to 3GP Online

For people who don’t want to download or install any desktop programs for converting videos, then Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter is definitely the perfect choice for Windows/Mac users. With an extremely concise browser-based interface, it lets you convert videos to many video and audio formats like MP4, 3GP, WMV, MP3, etc. To know its operation process more clearly, below are detailed instructions:

  1. Access the webpage of this free video converter.
  2. Click “Browse” to upload AVI videosd from local drive for conversion.
  3. Choose the output video format as “3GP” among those options. Configure other additional settings as you need.
  4. After that, the last thing you should do is to press “Convert” button and the conversion will be finished soon.

convert avi to 3gp online

Other than converting videos online, this tool also empowers you to edit the video file before the conversion. You just need to configure some advanced settings according to your needs. Things like trimming, cropping, rotating or even adding watermark are all available in this free tool.

To know the operation clearly, you can watch the video demo below.

Advanced Program to Convert AVI to 3GP

Considering that converting video online highly relies on internet connection and the slow internet speed will prolong the process. If you’re looking for a conversion tool not depending on internet, then you could need stable and reliable desktop software to help you overcome these obstacles without hassle. In that case, Apowersoft Video Converter Studio must be the most preferable choice for you. It is a superb desktop video converter which can convert video files in batch without internet for Windows only. If you’re using Mac, you could get the parallel Mac version by visiting this page. Now please check the steps of how to convert AVI to 3GP as illustrated to finish your conversion:


  • Firstly you need to download and install this software, then launch it on your PC.
  • Upload your AVI video by clicking “Add files” button or dragging the video file to its converting area directly.
  • Once uploaded, configure some output settings at your will. You’d better choose the output video format as “3GP” for conversion.
  • Additionally, you can set other output video and audio options under “Settings” menu to ensure the quality lossless.
  • After that, you should click “Convert” to start. The converted 3GP file will be saved on your PC in a while.
  • Once it’s done, you can locate the video files in output folder, connect your mobile device to computer and then transfer converted videos onto it.

pro way avi to 3gp

What make this converter stand out from other AVI to 3GP converters are those fantastic features.


Many different kinds of video and audio formats are supported by this program. You can select among them as you need.


Aside from converting videos to designated formats, you can also convert it for devices directly with optimized output presets like YouTube, iPhone, iPad, Sony, Android, etc, sparing no effort on your conversion.


It enables you to play the video/audio file on its built-in media player directly for enjoying. Even much better, you can take screenshots just by clicking the small camera icon during the broadcasting.


Despite the essential video conversion function, it also has equipped with a brilliant video editor which allows you to trim, crop the videos. Even much better, it also lets you add effects, watermarks and subtitles to the videos randomly.

additional video editor


These two video converters described above are great tools to convert AVI to 3GP effectively. Online tool is more convenient but not stable, while desktop program is more reliable and professional for all aspects. Anyhow, whichever converter you select to utilize, it will help you get you 3GP video files successfully.

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