Android users usually have an issue which is quite hard to solve when they are in looking for a wallpaper suits their mobile. Though we could acquire wallpaper from web or load them from PC, most of them just not fit the screen automatically. With that, users still need to crop the image. This leads to loads of hassles. Actually, there’s a simple way to work it out by using an Android wallpaper app.

Ten Best and Free Android wallpaper Apps

Best Solution to Set Wallpaper on Your Phone:

In changing the wallpaper of an Android phone, users usually go to “Settings” and then set it there. However, there is actually a program which can be used in changing the wallpaper of your phone instantly. ApowerManager allows users to manage their phones in PC including setting wallpaper with one click, importing and exporting files like photos, music and videos, uninstalling application and so on for free.


On a different note, instead of searching for wallpapers from various resources randomly, it’s even better to use applications which provides categorized wallpapers and lets you organize them easily. These applications are filled with different wallpapers for you to choose from. Below are the top wallpaper applications for Android.

Cool Wallpapers HD icon

1. Cool Wallpapers HD

This application has more than 100,000 of wallpapers collection. Cool Wallpaper HD is considered as one of the best wallpaper app for Android because it is easy to use and all of its wall papers are in well-categorized library. Furthermore, the application’s wallpapers are all in HD and basically fit the screen of the Android gadget.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

2. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper has also thousands of wallpapers to choose from. This app allows users to set the wallpaper’s size according to their needs. Users can use a particular image in portrait or full screen mode. Furthermore, this tool makes rotation on the famous pieces of artwork each day. However, in case you don’t want these famous arts, you can choose vivid and beautiful images from the phone’s gallery.

Backgrounds HD App icon

3. Backgrounds HD App

Backgrounds HD App has over 40,000,000 users. This application has 5,000 wallpapers and still counting. Furthermore, the application is just purely about wallpapers. No ringtones, no notification, no icon packs and no live wallpapers. This just means the app will consume a little electricity on your Android phone.

Zedge App

4. Zedge App

Zedge App also has millions of users. This is because the app is well organized and lets you choose wallpapers directly without downloading them from “Favorites”. Moreover, all images sorted out this way fit your screen perfectly without cropping. The app also requires users to quickly set ringtones and notifications including different ringtones for different contacts.

HD Wallpapers for Android

5. HD Wallpapers for Android

One of the best free Android wallpaper HD apps is HD Wallpapers for Android. You can download all of the wallpapers in this app free. Additionally, its database is updated every day and it has 39 different categories. That being said, searching in over 50,000 wallpapers using this application is easy. All wallpapers in this app are chosen exclusively for Android users.

Flikie Wallpapers HD

6. Flikie Wallpapers HD

Flikie Wallpapers HD has a collection of over 17,000 wallpapers and still counting as new wallpapers are being uploaded daily. Users can save wallpapers in your phone using this app. In addition to this feature, users can as well share wallpapers with friends, view the wallpaper in 3D, do swipe paging, and use the wallpaper in full screen.

NaturePix HD

7. NaturePix HD

NaturePix HD is basically for nature lovers. All of the wallpapers of this app are about nature in different categories like autumn, beaches, desert, flowers, forest and anything about nature. This app supports various sizes like Original, Wide (1920×1200), HDTV (1920×1080), Normal 4:3 (1600×1200), Android (1280×720, 960×854) and more.

TravelPix HD

8. TravelPix HD

If you are a traveler then you’ll surely love this live wallpaper app for Android phones. This application has a huge collection of wallpapers probably about 40,000 high quality wallpapers. Pictures from places around the world are seen in this app. Just simply search on the category.

PicSpeed HD Wallpapers

9. PicSpeed HD Wallpapers

PicSpees HD Wallpapers has over 1,500,000 wallpapers in different categories. All of the wallpapers in this application are in HD and all are amazingly free for Android users. Furthermore, a number of wallpapers are still growing fast because the application updates 100 cool pictures daily. In addition, this app has a feature of automatic image changer and wallpaper editor.

Animal Pix HD

10. Animal Pix HD

Animal lovers will surely love this wallpaper Android app. Animal Pix HD features wallpapers of different animals. There are over 40,000 HD animal wallpapers found in this Android app. All of them are free and it supports 1920×1200, 1600×1200, 1200×1024, 960×854, 640×480. This app actually has auto detection on screen size and it assigns the best screen resolution for your Android phone.

Those are the top wallpaper applications for Android. All of them are useful and recommended to use instead of using the typical Android wallpapers. This makes users save more time in searching for wallpaper for their Android and at the same time, it will let them experience the best and high quality wallpapers for free.

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