5 Apps to Make White Background for Clothes

Today most of the photography clothing guide highly suggests a white background and to e-commerce, it is often the standard. Having a white background for clothes will surely have color coordination and it won’t conflict with any other color. Apowersoft Background Eraser will give your clothes a stunning white background together with the other apps. Check them out below.

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white background for clothes

Apps to Make Clothes with White Background

Apowersoft Background Eraser (iOS & Android)

Apowersoft Background Eraser is a professional photo background editor that will change the background of your clothes photography to white. With its automatic background remover and ready to use solid background colors, you can have your clothes photo in the white background easily.

Main Features:

  • Clear photo background in just a tap.
  • Change background in an instant.
  • Consists of ready to use solid background colors and templates.
  • Save photo in its original quality.

How to change background to white for clothes with Apowersoft Background Eraser.

  • Download and install the app on your mobile phone.

  • Tap the “Recognize Product” button to import photos.

  • The app will automatically remove the background.

  • Then, tap “Background” > “Color” and choose white.

  • Once done, hit the “Save HD” button.


  • Present an accurate cut-out of the subject.
  • Provides manual selection tools for better results.
  • Instantly change background to a new one.
  • Seamless product images editor for e-commerce and marketplaces.


  • Paid App.

If you want to get a free membership to make white background for clothes, you may visit its official website and click the “Free VIP Account“.

white background for clothes apowersoft vip

Photo Background Changer (Android)

Photo Background Changer can create a white background for your clothes photography. You can remove the background automatically or manually with the use of its eraser tools. However, this app doesn’t have ready to use solid background colors. So for you to change the background to white you need to directly search for a white background on the web and apply it to the photo. In this way, you can save photography clothes with white background.

  • Go to the Play Store to download and install the app.
  • Tap “Photo” to upload the picture from your gallery.
  • Search a white background on the web.
  • Directly apply it to your photo.
  • Finally, tap the “Save” button.

white background for clothes photo background changer


  • Cut photo background manually.
  • Web search to look for a suitable background on the internet.
  • Can change photo background in just simple steps.
  • Save photo in HD quality.


  • Ads keep on popping while using the app.

Remove BG (Android)

If you want to have clothes with white background, you can rely on this app which is called Remove BG. With this app, you can erase the background manually and replace it with white background by simply adjusting the color pallet that the app offer.

  • Open the Play Store to download and install the app.
  • To upload a photo, tap “Cut Out”.
  • Manually remove the background.
  • Then, adjust the color pallet.
  • Lastly, hit the checkmark icon.

white background for clothes remove bg


  • Offers manual eraser tools.
  • Finger rub background removal.
  • Free to use background color pallet.


  • Annoying Ads.

Photo Room (iOS)

Learn how to change background to white for clothes with Photo Room. This studio-quality photo app will make your life easier to create another image that can really showcase your product. Without using any photo editing skills you can have your photo in the different background which white background is included. Just upload your clothes photography and the app will automatically show various results.

  • Download and install the app from the App Store.
  • Tap the add sign icon to get the photo from the library.
  • The app will show different results.
  • Choose a white background for clothes.
  • Finally, hit the import icon to download the file.

white background for clothes photo room


  • Present high-precision cutout.
  • Consists of different background templates and solid background colors.
  • Offers fun collages and stickers.


  • Paid App.

Magic Eraser (iOS)

Changing your background to white is an effortless task with the use of Magic Eraser. This photo editor is known for its ability to remove background with the use of its auto background remover tool or manual finger touch tool. After that, you can directly choose to save a white background for clothes. Without any photo background editing skills, you can have satisfying results with the use of this app.

  • Run the app after downloading it on the App Store.
  • Tap “Photo” to import pictures.
  • Get rid of the background manually.
  • Then, hit “JPG White Background” to save your work.

white background for clothes magic eraser


  • Advanced erasing tools: magic wand and brush tool.
  • Save photo in JPG white background format.
  • Can save a small and a large image formats.


  • Paid app.


The apps that were mentioned above are efficient tools to have clothes with white background without any hassle. For all those apps, Apowersoft Background Eraser is the most recommended one because of its versatility that you may have on both Android and iOS. Also, it has a simple interface that is suitable for all beginners without making them stressed out. More than that this tool has its desktop version that you can try by clicking the download button below.

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