A Full Guide to Use Apowersoft Background Remover

1. Introduction

Apowersoft Background Eraser is an impressive program that can automatically remove background from photo with a few clicks. Once you upload your image, the software will separate the foreground from its background, making your photo background transparent and allowing you to add a new background for it. It also has a built-in library of backdrop templates with which you can easily change your ID pictures background color, or choose to use the well-designed image templates for your pictures. To learn more about the program, check the content below.

2. Retrieve the Latest Version

We keep updating the software with newer features and a better experience. You can get the latest version by just visiting its official website. Or you can simply download and install it by clicking the download button below. Please remind that you have to remove the previous version completely before you install the new version in case that the old version is not well replaced.


3. Purchase and Activate the VIP Account

We offer three-time free trials for first-time users. You have to create a free account first to enjoy the software. You can click the “Purchase VIP” at the upper right part of the interface to go to the shopping page on which you’ll have three options for your subscription plans to choose from: 300 images, 100 images, 50 images, and 20 images with software update & technical support. Each one sells at a different price.

purchase VIP to remove bg

For users who don’t yet have Apowersoft accounts: Click the “Login” icon and choose the “Sign up” option in the pop-up window to set your email address and password for your free account. The system will send you a verification code, and you just follow the instruction to complete the activation process of the trial version.

For users who already have Apowersoft accounts: Click the “Login” icon, then you just enter your email address and password to sign in the software. Later, you can use the trial version. If you have purchased the subscription, the software will be automatically activated which you can use without limitations.

login and signup

4. Configure Settings

You are suggested to customize the settings before you move forward.

4.1. Help

Under the Help menu, there are four options in which you can get help for different purposes.

help and support

Guide: You can open the manual guide of the software in the browser by clicking this option。
Feedback: If you have technical problems, suggestions, or complaints, you can submit the software log, as well as your idea here. The support center staff will answer your problem as soon as possible after they receive your email.
Check for updates: You can check this option to see if there is a newer version available.
Support: To get contact with our support center, you can submit a ticket here.

4.2. Setting

Check the option of “Setting” to choose the interface language that you want to use.

software settings

5. Remove Background

Choose “Portrait recognition” or “Other recognition” from the main interface and you will be brought to another window to remove background from photo.

user interface

5.1. Portrait recognition

Add Image – Click the plus sign icon to add the image from your computer or just drag and drop the file into the software. Then it will automatically removed the background and present the cutout with a transparent background in a new window.

background eraser

Under the window of the cutout, there are three buttons:

Back to Home: Press the “Home” button to go back to the main interface to start over again.
Upload again: Click “Upload again” to add a new image for eding.
Save: Click “Save” button to save the image with the setting you did.

background remover

Change Background – After the background is removed from the photo, you are also allowed to change the background easily. Before you add a new background, you can edit the cutout at first. For example, you can zoom and flip it to suit the background image you’re going to add.
Then you can change photo background: color, built-in templates, and your own image. Click the “Change background” on the left bar, then you can add background with:

Color: Under “Color” option, you can choose from dozens of built-in solid colors for your picture. The final result will be presented immediately which you can check if it’s what you want.change background color

Template: Currently, this software offers lots of built-in backdrop templates which are categorized by different themes. We’ll keep updating more stylish templates regularly.change background template

Image: You can also upload your own stylish image as the background. Most photo formats are supported.change background with image

Adjust Manually – If you are not content with the auto-removal cutout, you can also use this function to manually adjust it by yourself. It has “Remove” and “Keep” tool which you can use to optimize the object you get from the image.

manually remove background

Crop – This function offers several commonly-used aspect ratios for creating a photo, including 1:1, 16:9, 9:16, 3:4, 4:3, 3:2, and 2:3, etc. You can also customize it.

create ID photo

Save file – After the above settings, you can now click the “Save” button to download your edited photo into your computer.

Note: Only portrait photo can achieve precise cutout with this function. Also, a watermark will be added on the image produced for the non-VIP users.

5.2. Others recognition

“Others recognition” is useful for pictures that have objects except for persons, for example, cars, animals, text, icons, etc. The whole procedure to use it is as same as the “Portrait recognition”.

cut out car, animals

Note: Each time you process your photo will use the remaining times that you purchased.

6. Technical Support

If you think the manual guide is useless for you, and you want to contact our after-sale service, you can go to our Support Center or submit a ticket here. Our support will get back to you as soon as possible when they check your email.

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