A Full Guide to Use Apowersoft Background Remover

I. Introduction

Apowersoft Background Eraser is a versatile program that uses AI technology to automatically and precisely remove background from image in a few seconds. It works for almost all kinds of real-world photos and graphics, including persons, products, animals, cars, homes, trees, texts, logos, icons, stamps, and many others. To learn more about the functions of this program, check the content below.


II. Remove Photo Background

Open the software, then you will find there are three function tabs on the interface, which are “For Portrait Only”, “For Products, Clothes, Animals, Cars, etc”, and “For Seals, Signature, Logo, etc”. Here we take the first one as an example to explain the detailed process.

1. Choose the function that you want to use based on the object in the photo that you want to cut out.

Apowersoft Background Eraser

2. Click the “Upload Image”, and you can import a photo into the software from the computer.

remove photo background

3. Then you can find the photo is cut out with a transparent background automatically.

remove background from image

4. If you are not satisfied with the auto-removal effect, you can click “Manually remove background” to edit the details with more choice and freedom.

manually remove background

5. Click the “Save” button to save the processed image into your computer.

III. Change Photo Background

This stunning software also gives you the chance to change the background at ease.

1. Click “Change background” on the left, then the current window will be switched into a new one that allows you to add new background.

change background color

2. Click “Color”, “Template” on the top left to choose solid colors or well-designed background templates for your photo. Or you can also upload your own images as the background.

change photo background

3. Click “Save” button on the bottom to save the image into your local disc.

IV. Crop the Photo

1. Click “Crop” on the left, you can choose the ready-to-use size for your photo including 1:1, 16:9, 9:16, 3:4, 4:3, custom, and many others.

crop photo size

2. After that, you can zoom in and out, move, flip, and rotate the photo if you want.

edit photo

3. Click “Save” to done editing the cropping for your photo.

V. Technical Support

If you think the manual guide is useless for you, and you want to contact our after-sale service, you can go to our Support Center or submit a ticket here. Our support will get back to you as soon as possible when they check your email.


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