Whether you are using Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4, or OnePlus 2, one thing for sure is that someday you will find your phone memory deficient. Because more and more files will be put into your phone, such as videos, photos, music, apps or documents. Once you store excessive amount of data, it will slow down the running speed of your Android. Therefore, you need to clean up the storage space for better performance. Among other ways, to transfer data from Android to PC is an excellent option as long as you possess a personal computer. There are many useful methods. The below ones are thought to be the easiest and most commonly-used ways.

Fast ways to transfer data from Android to PC


Way One: Using Apowersoft Phone Manager

It is a desktop software which can help you to manage your phone data on the computer easily. Meanwhile, you can also use it to transfer various kinds of files from Android to PC and the other way around. These files contain music, photos, videos, documents and so on. Other than that, it will notify you when a new message or phone call arrives. Then you can directly reply it from the computer. If you want to back up all the important data including contacts, messages, call logs and apps, it enables you to achieve it with one click. Now, let’s check the process of transferring files from Android to PC using this great tool.

  1. Download and install this manager on your computer.


  2. Turn on USB debugging option on your Android. Then connect your phone to PC via USB. Remember to allow USB debugging when windows come out on your mobile in order for successful connection.

    Export files

  3. Once connected, you can freely transfer any files. For instance, to copy music from Android to PC, you just need to go to “Music” tab, select the songs and click “Export”. A fast way to back up the personal data to PC is to go to “Tools” and choose “Backup”.

    Backup data

After that, you can remove the data on your Android without worrying that you may lose important data, as you can always restore them from the computer. And a good advice for you is to put files to external SD card. For example, you can move music to SD card so as to speed the operations.


Way Two: Using AirMore

Another handy app for file transfer from Android to PC is AirMore. It allows you to deal with your Android files from the Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser wirelessly. Without any installation on your computer, it empowers you to manage Android from Mac or Windows easily. Follow the steps below to make use of this app to transfer Android files to PC for free.

AirMore interface

  1. Download AirMore on your Android from Google Play.

  2. Connect your Android and PC to the same WLAN network. Visit “airmore.net” on your browser, where a QR code will be loaded.
  3. Tap “Scan to connect” and scan the code on the computer screen. After successful connection, choose the corresponding tab, select the files and click “Download”.

With a steady internet connection, the transfer process is quite fast. Besides, you can enjoy the music and videos on web. Managing contacts and sending SMS are also as easy as pie.


Way Three: Using Pushbullet Pro

Having a large amount of users, Pushbullet Pro is a convenient file transfer app among multiple platforms. You can use it to transfer files between mobile phone and computer or laptop in a fast way. Moreover, it can be used on both Windows and Mac. Learn how to transfer data from Android to PC utilizing this app here.

Pushbullet Pro

  1. Download the tool on your computer and mobile phone.
  2. Sign in Pushbullet with your Google or Facebook account. Make sure you have entered the same account on both devices.
  3. Afterwards, your computer and Android will be connected. Then you can send any files without any difficulty.

Though Pushbullet Pro is a wonderful app, it’s not free. You need to pay $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year, which may be a little expensive for some people. It does have a free version, but the free one has many limitations. For instance, you can only transfer files smaller than 25MB.

By comparison, Apowersoft Phone Manager is the most convenient tool if you want to back up all of your Android data, while AirMore is superior in easy connection and cable-free file transfer, and Pushbullet Pro has an advantage of fast file transfer among different platforms. But whichever method you choose, satisfying your needs to transfer files from Android to PC is the ultimate goal.

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