Easy Ways to Record Zoom Meeting

Easy Ways to Record Zoom Meeting

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Zoom is an application that focuses on providing you a function to host webinars, virtual meetings, video conferences, tutorials and the likes. This program can hold up to 100 participants at the same time, which is good for company meetings or demonstrations. It is a cloud-based tool making it capable of showing both presenter and the panelist’s screen. However, some of you may ask if it’s possible to record Zoom meeting? And the answer is yes! There are some workable ways to capture your Zoom online conference to archive them. To learn these ways, kindly refer to the rest of this article.

How to record Zoom meeting on PC

Via local recorder

To record your Zoom video conference on Windows and Mac, the most accessible way for you is by using its local recorder. It is capable of capturing the actual video conference that you have with just few clicks.

While you’re on a meeting and want to start the recording, just click the “Record” button, which is basically located at the bottom right portion of the program.

Record Zoom via local recorder

At some cases it will automatically save the recordings on your computer, but if your want to save it on cloud storage you also have the options to do it. A pause and stop buttons will then be shown when the recording starts.

Pause and stop option

Once you stop the recording, the captured clip will be saved in your documents under a folder named “Zoom”. This is a workable application to use, but its function is only limited to screen recording.

Via ApowerREC

Another way on how to record Zoom meeting on both Windows and Mac is by using ApowerREC. This is an outstanding application that is capable of recording any movements that you have on your computer screen, from movies to video games and web conferencing app like Zoom.

Its interface is designed to be simple yet loaded with different functions. Once the recording starts, the interface will turn into a small movable toolbar that you can move around your screen. Or if you like, you can place it near the edge of your screen and it will slide out of the screen.

Aside from screen recording, this app also provides additional functions such as screen capture, task scheduler, upload function, and many more.

ApowerREC functions

To record Zoom meeting session with this tool, here are the steps for you.

  • Get and install this program on your computer.


  • After that, click “More” > “Settings” and start configuring the video format, output folder, hotkeys, video and audio quality, etc.
  • Now on its main interface, enable the audio that you wish to use, and the webcam feeds if you want. Click the drop-down menu located at the recording area and choose custom. Set the recording frame along the portion that you wish to record and then release the mouse.

    Select recording region

  • Next is to open your Zoom account and join in a conference and interact as you normally do.
  • Click the red “REC” button. The recording will then start after three seconds.
  • While recording, you can add basic annotations like text, line, arrow, shape, and so on.

    Add annotations to video

  • To end the recording, just click “Stop” and the recorded file will be included under the tool’s recording lists.

Zoom recording software for iPhone users

Via iOS 11 screen recorder

In case you need to record Zoom meeting on iPhone, then you can easily start capturing the whole conversation or meeting using the phone’s built-in screen recording function. Yes you read it right, the latest iOS 11 that runs on most iPhone nowadays was embedded a screen recording function.

Just like a typical screen recorder that we are seeing on other mobile devices, but this one can be accessed easily by just swiping up and then tap the “Screen Recording” icon located at the Control Center. In case you can’t find this function on the Control Center, you must enable his function on your device’s “Settings”.

Use iOS 11 screen recorder to record Zoom

So far this function works well and does not cause any slowing down of your iOS device. However, this screen recorder lacks an editing function and an instant video upload from the app.

Via Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder

In case you don’t like to record the meeting on the small iPhone screen, then here’s Zoom recording software that you can rely on called Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder. It allows you to stream and record iPhone screen activities on PC. It is easy to use and there’s no jail break required. It enables you to set the display quality (1080P or 720P), video format (MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, etc), video quality (high or standard) and audio input (system sound or microphone).

By using this tool, users can record their iOS device’s screen activities including games, movies, and Zoom video conference. Aside from screen recording, this tool also has a screen capturing capability which is a perfect addition.

To use this app simply follow these steps.

  • Download and install this tool. Open the app and go to “Options” to set the display quality, video quality and format, audio input, output folder, etc. Connect your iPhone and computer to the same network.


  • Simply swipe up from the bottom of iPhone’s screen and then enable Screen Mirroring function. Look for your Computer’s name and tap it to connect.
  • When the connection is successful, you can see your iPhone’s screen is mirrored onto computer.
  • Now you can open your Zoom account and join the online meeting that you want to capture.
  • To start the recording, just hit the “Start recording” button. And to end it, click “Stop recording” and the recorded file will pop up right away in the output folder that you have chosen.

Start recording Zoom meeting


Those are the most feasible ways for you to record Zoom meeting. The methods shown above are divided 2 platforms that are commonly used to help you pick the ones to fit your preferences. The default applications work fine, but their functions are limited. So using other ways to record aside from the built-in function might worth a try.

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