How to Use ApowerREC?


ApowerREC is a multipurpose screen recording software that enables you to record desktop and webcam activities with system sound and microphone sound. And it provides many recording mode options, such as task recording, auto stop recording, auto split recording, locked window recording, zoom recording, and more. With its annotation tools, you can easily use this recorder to draw lines, circles, arrows, or add texts to the screen during the recording. Now, this guide will guide you on how to use ApowerREC to record the content that you want.

how to use apowerrec

How to Use ApowerREC?

Get Started


  • Download ApowerREC and double click the finished apk file to install the program.


  • From the pop-up window, choose your preferred language and go ahead.
  • When the “Select Additional Tasks” window shows up, kindly confirm each option and click “Next” once finished.


  • The installation should be done within few seconds, and then, you can select to launch the program and click “Finish” to exit setup.

Registration and Activation

If you want to enjoy the full version rather than the trial version which has certain using limitaions, a VIP purchase is needed. If you have already had an account before the purchase, your existing account will automatically become VIP. Simply log out the account and restart the program, then, directly log into the account with your email and password is alright. For further details regarding the account registration and activation, please refer to this FAQ post.

Set Preferences

Floating Toolbar

The recording/floating toolbar will show up once the recording is started. But if you want to hide it during the recording, simply check the option down below is alright.
recording floating toolbar

Output Format (Windows Only)

Multiple formats are also available for you to select for video output (MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV,etc.), audio output (MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC,etc.) and screenshot output (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF,etc.).
multiple output format

Output Folder

All the recordings will be saved directly to the local disk on your computer, so you can select the default saving directory under the output folder option. Please make sure that the folder you choose has enough storage space for the recording file size, otherwise, the recording may not be saved successfully.
output folder


Hotkey enables you to conduct certain features quickly. You can change the default hotkey settings by choosing the feature and reselect the hotkey combinations.
reset hotkeys

Auto Stop

After entering the “Record Screen” mode from the mainboard, you will notice the auto-stop recording feature. You can use this function to set the auto-stop time for the recording or to decide that when the recording should be finished when its file size reaches a certain limit.
auto stop record

Mouse Settings

You can choose whether to include the mouse cursor in the recording, what the color of the mouse cursor will be, and how much mouse area will show up in the recording.
mouse cursor recording

Quality Settings (Windows Only)

Standard, high and original quality options are available within this smart screen recorder. However, it also depends on your device’s functionality that whether you can record in high or original quality fluently. If the device functionality is low, it’s suggested to select standard quality as the first option in order to let the recording process be influential.
quality setting

Record Screen

Start Recording

1. Select the recording area

To record the screen, please enter “Record Screen” mode first, then click the downward arrow at the “Full” button. Then, you can choose whether to record the full screen, fixed region, or selected region. Once the recording region is decided, simply click the red REC button to start the recording is alright.
record screen region

2. Select the audio input
To record sound, click the downward arrow next to the “System sound” button. From there, you can choose to record system sound, microphone, both or no audio at all. Meanwhile, please enter the sound settings which is the last option under this menu to make sure that you have selected the default system sound on PC and the plugged-in microphone device.
record sound

3. Record webcam

Please plug in the camera device first, and click the webcam icon to choose the plugged-in webcam device name. If the camera device is not detected, please relaunch the program and it should be fine by then. In the meantime, you can enter the camera settings to set other configurations for the camera image.

record webcam

4. Click “REC” button or press default hotkeys (F7) to begin the recording.

click rec to record

Note: If you want to record sound only, simply back to the mainboard and choose “Record Audio” mode is fine.

record audio only

Floating Toolbar

Once the recording is started, a recording toolbar will show up to assist you during the recording, such as take screenshots, add annotations, use zoom recording or spotlight recording mode.

Annotate recording

Click the pencil-like icon on the recording toolbar to open the annotation panel. This real-time editing feature allows you to add lines, arrows, serial numbers, texts, etc.

annotate on screens

Within this annotation tool, you can also open the whiteboard and mark on the screen.

use whiteboard

Zoom Recording (Windows Only)

Zoom recording enables you to enlarge a certain part of the screen. And the zoom recording area will follow where your mouse curosr goes.

use zoom recording

Spotlight Recording (Windows Only)

This feature helps you to highlight a certain part of the screen.

use spotlight recording

Split Recording

This function allows you to decide when to save a recording file automatically during the recording when the recording time reaches a certain length, or when the file size reaches a certain storage size.
use split recording

Locked Window recording (Windows Only)

This mode allows you to record a certain window only. Even if you open other programs during the recording process, they won’t be included in the video.

locked window recording

Edit Recording (Windows Only)

To edit the video, right-click the video file under the video list, then select “Edit”.
video edit feature

Trim the Video

After entering the editing mode, simply drag the two icons pointed out as below to trim the video length.

trim the video

Add Intro & Outro

Click the option shown as below to add title or subtitle.

add intro and outro

Add Watermark or image

Furthermore, images and texts can also be put onto the recording. Just click the “water drop” shown in the image below and choose whether you want to add images or texts is alright.

add image watermark

Create Task Recording

Using this task scheduler, you can set the start and stop time for the recording, so that you won’t need to start and stop the recording manually.

task recording mode

Upload videos

Once the recording is finished, it will be saved to the default saving folder you have selected under the settings. Meanwhile, you can also check it from the video list and upload it to the video cloud platform RecCloud.

upload to reccloud

Help & Support

Community Support

No matter you are seeking support or simply want to share some tips with other ApowerREC’s community members, just join the community and dive into our hot discussion. Meanwhile, you can check this support page for troubleshooting if encounter any problems during using the program.

Feedback & Ticket Support

To send us feedback, please enter the “Menu” and click “Feedback”. Kindly leave your email and describe the issue you are having with the program there and send it to us. Most importantly, please do not uncheck the option of “Send log file” within the feedback so that our technician can use it to locate the program issues and find solutions accordingly. And we will then get back to you as soon as the solution comes out!
send feedback

Alternatively, you can also submit a ticket and describe the problems there and send it to us. We will get back to you ASAP!

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    Hi - I find the program very easy to use and the recording quality is good.
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    Nice guide! ApowerREC helps me record anything I want. Thank you Apowersoft!
  • avatar
    Thanks for your detailed guide, I can easily record my course. But hope you could provide a guide to help us found the deleted files.
    • Thank you for your support. However, to find deleted files, you could go to "Recycle Bin" of your computer and find them or if you delete it permanently from you device, you could try our data recovery tool:
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    I am unable to use webcam with apowerec personal license. please guide.
    • ApowerREC could help you record webcam, please refer to "Record Screen" part - "Start Recording" in this post to check more details.
  • avatar
    Nice, I can save my office meeting up to 3 hours with the help of task schedule function!
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