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Having a good product photography is important to a successful e-commerce business. Hence, you need to make your photos look so real to catch people's attention and attract customers to buy. But how to get a perfect product photo? Here are some key product photography tips for e-commerce merchants.

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4 Product Photography Tips and Tricks

Use a Plain Color for Background to Emphasize the Product

The most effective product photography tip is using a solid color background. This is a powerful way to create simple designs and make them more unique. A good example is a white background, which is used for the product to easily recognize as well as to have a clean background. While other colors like pink, green, and red also work well if you want to make your background attractive. Hence, using a plain color is a good tip and best practice to create a stunning product image. But the fact is some businesses do not have the shooting conditions for a solid color background. Don’t worry, Apowersoft Background Eraser can help you do post-editing in one click.


Apowersoft Background Eraser can provide your product image background with a plain color just like product photography tips asked. It offers different solid colors for your product photography. Another worth mentioning is that it allows you to crop, resize, duplicate, and more before you save it in HD quality. Just import the image into the software and the background will be transparent instantly. Then choose the “Change background” and click the “Color” button to choose the plain color you want for your background.

Retouch Product Image After the Photo Shoot

Another product photography tip is to value retouching process. Not all the time you can capture the perfect product image, that’s why you need to edit it by means of using the retouching tools. This will help you enhance an image and eliminate the unwanted areas or parts taken by your camera. The process is simple especially if you are using an online tool called Fotor. It provides photo editing features to improve your product image. It comes with filters, effects, scenes, borders, brightness, contrast, and more. Furthermore, it has an intuitive interface that doesn’t require any photo editing skills.

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Use a Local Focus (Blur Effects)

Having a blur background is also one of the product photography tips. For some, a blurred image is a photography mistake but with others, it is a useful design tool. It focuses on what’s important. You can use the blur effect not only to highlight the important areas of your image but also to remove or de-emphasize unwanted parts from your image. Good thing, there are many tools available in the market that you can rely on when it comes to using a blur effect. One of the most likely tools that is worth trying is a mobile app called Point Blur (Partial blur) DSLR. This is an Android app designed to help you blur the background as well as the unwanted parts of the image.

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Use the Right Lightning

Good light is one of product photography tips you can not ignore. In fact, the right light leads to good quality of product photographs. You have two options such as natural and studio light. Sometimes, you have to use the equipment before you can achieve it. But since there are several apps available in the market, you don’t have to think about any materials anymore. Looking and using a lightning effect is much easier now. The best app that offers special effects like lightning that you can add from your product image is Lens Distortions. This is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can use its light leaks and other unique features that you can use from your product image.

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The quality of product images will directly affect sales. The product photography tips listed above will help you with high quality image. All of them are not just purely tips and tricks but also comes with useful tools in order to make photos better. Make sure to use appropriate methods.

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