Best Ways to Mirror Samsung Phone to PC

Best Ways to Mirror Samsung Phone to PC

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Samsung phones can serve as a storage for your movies, documents and other media files because of the capacity they offer. This way, you can save your favorite movies or shows and watch them anytime. However, your viewing experience is limited to smart phone fancy screen. In this case, it is more convenient for you to mirror Samsung phone to PC. Screen mirroring is widely used because of its ability to record screen activity, play Android games on your PC and stream media content on a much bigger screen directly. So, we’ve listed here some of the best apps you can use to easily mirror your Samsung phone to your computer.

How to Mirror Samsung Phone to PC



ApowerMirror is a professional screen mirroring app which allows users to share phone screen to PC monitor. It works well on Android and iOS platforms. You can also mirror three different mobile devices at the same time with this program. Moreover, if you are showing a demonstration, you can access its annotation feature to highlight important details on the mirrored screen. This program allows you to control your phone using mouse and keyboard then you can send text messages, access the gaming keys and so on. You can also use this app to record everything that is happening on your screen and share it to different video sharing sites like YouTube. That being said, here’s a simple guide to cast Samsung phone to PC.

  • Download and install the app on your desktop.


  • Install its mobile version from Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app on both devices and make sure to connect your Samsung device and PC to the same Wi-Fi server.
  • On your mobile device, tap the “M” blue button to enable detection. Now, select the name of your computer from the detected devices.
  • Tap “Phone Screen Mirroring” to start the mirroring process.



SideSync is a screen mirroring program which allows to share your Samsung screen to your PC monitor. This software is made by Samsung company and was launched along with Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. It supports PC running Windows XP SP3 or later and Mac OS X 10.7 or later and Samsung phone with Android Kitkat 4.4 or higher. Once your phone is mirrored to your PC, you can now control your phone from your PC. You can use it to make calls, answer calls and send text messages from the virtual mobile screen on your PC. To start screen mirroring Samsung to PC with SideSync, here’s a simple guide to follow.

  • Install the app on your Windows/Mac and mobile device.
  • Launch SideSync both on your PC and Samsung device and connect them under the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On your computer screen, select the name of your phone. Then, from the notification at the bottom right side of your screen, click the “Phone Screen” button.
  • After that, you should be able to see your phone screen being reflected on your PC.



Another screen mirroring app you can use is Mobizen. This enables you to see the screen activity of your phone, right on your PC screen. You can use this to record your mobile screen activity and create a demonstration for a gaming walk-through or how-to video. In addition, you will be able to take screenshots of your phone screen. You can also see all your photos from your phone to your computer screen, delete existing files as well as save documents from your PC to your Android device. Here’s how you can mirror Samsung phone to computer using Mobizen.

  • Install the mobile app from Google Play Store. Create an account and connect your phone via USB cable.
  • On your PC, open a web browser and go to, click on “Mobizen Mirroring PC version” and then the app will be automatically be downloaded on your computer.
  • Once the download is complete, install the app afterwards.
  • Launch it and log in the account you created. After that, your phone screen now should be mirrored on your PC.


All the above-mentioned tools are good to help you mirror and enjoy streaming videos or movies from your Samsung device to a bigger screen. However, if you are looking for the app that won’t compromise the quality of the video, ApowerMirror is highly recommended. With this app, it’s possible to get the best viewing experience when it comes to mirroring media content to PC.

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