5 Efficient HD Photo Background Editor Apps

Background is equally important as the subject, it gives the complete composition of the photography. With mobile phone photography which is very essential nowadays, you directly beautify your photo with the help of an HD photo background editor. Listed below is Apowersoft Background Eraser together with the other specialized apps to edit and achieve the photo that you like.

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5 Apps to Make HD Photo Background

Apowersoft Background Eraser (iOS & Android)

Apowersoft Background Eraser is the most recommended HD photo background editor app for Android and iOS. With its multi-purpose photo background editing features, you can quickly have the best photography to be posted directly on different social media sites.

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Main Features:

  • Remove the background automatically with zero taps.
  • Massive collections of solid background colors and unique background themes.
  • Basic editing features: crop, resize, duplicate, flip, rotate, etc.
  • Color enhancement features brightness and saturation.
  • Provides ready to use aspect ratios.
  • Supports almost all image formats.


  • Remove and change background in 5 seconds.
  • Advanced AI tech that gives precise cutout.
  • Keep the original quality of the photo.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • No Ads.


  • Paid app (A free activity to get VIP available now! Check it on the product page.)

Photo Background Changer

Photo Background Changer is another app to edit HD background. This app will let you erase the photo background automatically. You can replace it by choosing among its ready to use backdrop templates or directly search on Google to look for a background that you need.

Main Features:

  • Cut photo background automatically.
  • Photo background changer.
  • Web search to select background photo from the internet.
  • Offers creative 3D background designs.
  • More than 10 filters for instantly editing photos.

app to edit hd background


  • Remove the background automatically.
  • Various collections of backdrop templates.
  • Allow users to directly choose the background from the internet.


  • Annoying Ads.

Cut Out Photo Background

Cut Out Photo Background can be the best HD photo background editor for you. This handy photo editor app can make your photography to another level within seconds. Try editing your photo with the use of its basic photo editing features such as cut out, text, filter, crop, blur, mosaic, and brush.

Main Features:

  • Uses AI for automatic detection.
  • Provides manually selection tools.
  • Rich photo editor.
  • Consists of beautiful background images.

hd photo background editor cut out


  • Get rid of the background automatically.
  • Replace background from its different background designs.
  • Advanced photo enhancement mode.
  • Manually crop the photo.


  • No undo option.

Photo Room

For all iOS users out there, Photo Room is the HD photo background editor app for you. You can make your own studio-quality photo in just seconds. This photo background editor will let you not only capture your photo but also edit it to have a gorgeous background.

Main Features:

  • Automatic removal
  • High precision cut out.
  • 1000s of templates to edit photos instantly.
  • Provides animation and glitches.

hd photo background editor app photo room


  • Manually erase background using the selection tools.
  • Offers background designs divided into various themes.
  • Allow users to make collages and stickers.
  • Create a high-quality photo.


  • Paid app.

Eraser Pic

To edit the HD background, you need Eraser Pic. This iOS app comes with basic photo background editing features that will retouch your photo. It will give your photo background a dramatic look by choosing among its pre-set background designs. And to complete it up, Eraser Pic also provides a magical photo cutout tool to delete the unwanted background from your photo.

Main Features:

  • It has two selection tools: Brush and Eraser.
  • Intelligence matting.
  • Dozens of filters.

hd photo background ediotr eraser pic


  • Remove the background manually.
  • Adjust the size of the brush and eraser tool.
  • Filters are carefully modulated.


  • Limited photo background editing features.


Choosing the best HD photo background editor for your mobile phone is not that easy. Your choice will depend on the background editing features that you need. Among the five apps that were listed above, Apowersoft Background Eraser is the most recommended one because of its simple interface and easy to use functions.

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