Collection of ApowerMirror FAQs

1. General FAQs

1.1. General FAQs


  • ApowerMirror Version Announcement
  • How to Adjust ApowerMirror Display Quality on Android/iOS
  • How to Use ApowerMirror Desktop Program
  • 1.2. Live streaming FAQs

  • Solutions to OBS cannot capture ApowerMirror
  • Detailed Ways to Live Stream Game on OBS Using ApowerMirror
  • How to Live Stream Mobile Games on YouTube
  • Best Ways to Live Stream Game on Discord
  • How to Live Stream PUBG Mobile on YouTube
  • How to Live Stream on Facebook
  • Useful Ways to Live Stream Fortnite on PC
  • Useful Ways to Live Stream Mobile Legends on PC
  • Best Ways to Live Stream on Instagram on PC
  • Detailed Ways to Live Stream Game on Twitch
  • Practical Ways to Live Stream Call of Duty: Mobile on PC
  • 1.3. Installation

  • Solutions to Installation Failure
  • How to Fix Crashing ApowerMirror on PC
  • 1.4. Connection

  • How to make sure your phone and PC are connected to the same WiFi
  • Solutions to Android Cannot Connect to ApowerMirror via USB
  • Solutions to iPhone Cannot Connect to ApowerMirror
  • Solutions to Android Cannot Connect to ApowerMirror via WiFi
  • Solutions to “An app is obsuring a permission request”
  • How to disable AP Isolation
  • Solutions to PC Cannot Connect to TV
  • 2.Android FAQs

    2.1. General FAQs

  • Download Links for Android USB Drivers
  • ApowerMirror will be automatically reinstalled when connected
  • Solutions to White or Black screen Issue After Connecting
  • Solutions to Fix Wireless Controlling Android from PC Not Working
  • Solutions to Android users cannot press “START NOW”
  • 2.2. Android Audio

  • How to Cast Android Microphone Audio to PC
  • Solutions to Sound Issues When Mirroring Android to PC
  • 2.3. ADB Conflict

  • Cannot connect due to adb conflict issue
  • 2.4. Huawei

  • Solutions to Huawei phones disconnect automatically when mirroring via WiFi
  • Solutions to the Huawei Lag Issue When Playing Game via WiFi
  • Solutions to Huawei Cannot be Cantrolled via WiFi
  • 2.5. Xiaomi/Redmi

  • Solutions to Xiaomi and Redmi Usually Disconnects While Mirroring
  • Required permissions

    Please enable the following three permissions to make a connection:

    2.6. Vivo

  • Solutions to problems concerning crash and auto-exiting of Vivo users
  • 2.7. Samsung

    Solutions to Samsung Phone Cannot be Controlled via WiFi

    Please try the steps below:

    • Revoke USB debugging.
    • Launch ApowerMirror on Windows PC
    • Connect via USB first
    • Disconnect using the disconnect button on ApowerMirror on phone.
    • Reconnect via wifi (with control)


    3.1. Check Bonjour Service on PC

    Check Bonjour Service on PC

    3.1. iOS FAQs

  • How to Mirror iPhone to PC via USB
  • How to Control iPhone/iPad from PC Using ApowerMirror
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