If ApowerManager cannot display the contacts or messages on your iPhone or iPad, please refer to the detailed guide below.

Solutions to ApowerManager Cannot Read Contacts Messages on iOS

How to Solve: ApowerManager Cannot Show Contacts

If you cannot see your contacts on ApowerManager program, it’s probably because you have uploaded them to iCloud. Please follow the instruction here.

  1. Go to Settings > iCloud on your iOS device.
  2. Turn off the button behind Contacts.
  3. Choose Keep on My iPhone.
  4. Reconnect your iPhone or iPad to ApowerManager and try again.

Turn off contacts in iCloud

How to Solve: ApowerManager Cannot Display Messages

If your iPhone/iPad messages won’t appear on ApowerManager software, a high possibility is that they are encrypted. Here’s the solution for it.

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes through USB cable.
  2. After connection, click your iPhone or iPad device.
  3. Go to Summary > Backups > Encrypt iPhone backup. Remove the check icon in the box.
  4. Input the password and wait until the backup process finishes.
  5. Reconnect your iOS device to ApowerManager and try again.

Uncheck encrypt iPhone backup

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