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  • Easy to Use
    It has a very intuitive and simple interface. Even if you are a newbie, you will know how to use this tool to compress PDFs free instantly.
  • No Ads
    This online PDF optimizer is totally free to use. There are not any ads and it won't require you to install any plug-ins throughout the course of usage.
  • Highly Protected
    We won't keep, distribute or transfer any of the files uploaded by the users. Moreover, there is no watermark in the compressed file.

Robust Free Online PDF Reducer

An app which allows you to compress PDF efficiently

  • Offer Various Types
    It offers you three compression types including: Size (the largest reduction in file size), Normal (the medium reduction in file size), and Quality (output the best quality).
  • Batch Process
    If you have a host of PDF files to compress, you just need to batch add them to the service and launch the free PDF compressor. Click "Download All" after compressing them, and then you can save all the files onto your computer.
  • Compress File Fast
    This service adopts the most advanced technology so that it can compress PDFs at a high speed. As long as your internet connection works, you can launch the PDF compressor to compress PDFs online at any time.

Compress PDF Online and Easily

It only requires you to finish 3 steps to compress PDF files!

  • Upload PDF
    Click "+" to add one or several PDF files.
  • Check Compression Type
    Choose the best compression type from the three options: Size, Normal and Quality.
  • Begin to Compress
    Click the "Compress" button to start to compress your PDF files.

We have customers who spread over all walks of life. Take a look at what they said:

  • I am a lawyer and often need to compress contract files. I tried many kinds of PDF compression programs but the effect was not good. I just wanted to have a try with this program at the beginning but I was very glad since it was so easy to use. Highly recommend!
    ——John Lawyer
  • There are dozens of PDF compressors on the market. They have different advantages and disadvantages. I prefer to use compact and effective software. I was very satisfied with this tool. Thanks for your work!
  • My friend recommended me this free online PDF compressor. It was really a nice experience! Hope that your company works harder and develops more and more excellent programs. I would like to be one of your loyal fans from today!

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