Casttingo Terms of Membership Service


Welcome to join Casttingo membership!

Please carefully read this Agreement before using it. By using the Service, including by clicking to indicate your consent to this Agreement and making any payment in respect of the Service, you signify you have read and understand the Terms, accept them, and agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions, you are not authorized to use, access or participate in the Service.

If you are under the age of 18, please read this Agreement in company with your legal guardian

1. Description of Services

1.1 If you need to use the VIP service, you can log in your account on the mobile phone or computer. After logging in, you can get the VIP membership by purchasing or receiving the VIP as a gift from others. Your license is valid within the validity period.

1.2 As a VIP member, You will be entitled to enjoy the benefits of VIP Membership, including: removing the watermark, using the templates or background etc. You understand and agree that Casttingo provides exclusive privileges for VIP users. Casttingo has the right to conduct all of the membership privileges and special services in accordance with legal regulations, policy changes, and operational needs. For some changes, adjustments, cancellations, and additions, Casttingo will notify you on the “VIP Privilege Page” or other reasonable means regarding the adjustment of the aforementioned privileges.

1.3 Casttingo has the right to revise the terms of service at any time ( including changes, additions, or reductions to the corresponding terms), and once the terms of service are modified, Casttingo will make prominent prompts or announcements on relevant pages. If you do not agree to the modification of this agreement, you can stop using the service. Your continued use of this service shall be deemed that you have accepted this agreement. In any case, once Casttingo reasonably believes that the user has non-compliance, it can terminate the service to the user at any time without prior notice.

2. Account

2.1 If you need the membership service, you need to log in the Casttingo account on mobile phone or computer. After logging in, you can obtain the VIP service by purchasing. You can enjoy VIP membership privileges within the validity period.

2.2.1 You are solely responsible for maintaining your Casttingo account, account information, and account password properly. You shall take all necessary and effective measures to secure your account information and password. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, Casttingo will not be liable for the leakage of your account information (including your password) not caused by Casttingo and any losses caused by your improper use or maintenance of your account.

2.2.2 You acknowledge and confirm that you shall be fully responsible for the authenticity, legality and validity of your registration information on Casttingo. The account nickname, avatar and other relevant information you set must not contain information that violates laws and regulations, and you must not maliciously register a account (including but not limited to frequent registration, batch registration of accounts, etc.). At the same time, Casttingo has the right to review the registration information you submit.
(1) Casttingo membership services are limited to your use within Casttingo. Any act of separating Casttingo services from Casttingo by illegal means such as cracking, translation, or transcription does not belong to Casttingo stipulated in this agreement. Casttingo reserves the right to pursue legal responsibilities and claims of infringers.
(2) Any Casttingo membership services (including but not limited to purchase, renting, borrowing, sharing, assignment, etc. obtained by stealing, exploiting system loopholes, obtained through any non-Gaying official or authorized means), malicious use or destruction of the rights obtained by member activities will not be protected. Casttingo reserves the right to cancel or not provide the membership services. All losses and liabilities incurred shall be borne by the infringer.
(3) When using Casttingo membership service or participating in related activities, it should also be carried out through the official announcement/authorization of Casttingo. Users illegally obtain Casttingo membership services through any other means ( Including but not limited to account , authorization codes, etc.) or participating in activities to obtain benefits (including but not limited to obtaining physical/virtual gifts, membership services, authorization codes, etc.), are not protected. And once found, Casttingo has the right to delete, cancel, clear other related services immediately, or take other management measures such as suspending or terminating the service provided to you, and all the resulting losses and liabilities are the infringers themselves bear.
(4) When you participate in membership activities, you should follow the activity rules, in a legal and non-damaging manner that does not harm the interests of the activity organizer. Those who use system loopholes, rule setting defects, system setting errors, abuse of membership, etc. to participate in activities and obtain relevant benefits will not be protected, and Casttingo has the right to take relevant measures to deal with it. All the resulting losses and liabilities shall be covered by infringement The perpetrator is responsible for it.

2.3.2 You understand and agree that you only have the right to use the product, and the ownership and intellectual property rights of the above services and products and their derivatives belong to Casttingo. Casttingohas the right to determine your use period and/or termination period according to the actual situation without notifying you or obtaining your consent, and you agree to waive or not hold Casttingo’s relevant legal responsibilities.

2.4.1 If your VIP account and password are fraudulently used or stolen by others or used without your legal authorization, you can retrieve it through your mobile phone number, email account, etc. If there are special circumstances, you can contact Customer service:
2.4.2 You understand that it takes reasonable time to take action and process your request, and except that the company has legal faults, the company does not assume any responsibility for your losses.

3. Special Rules

3.1 Casttingo has the right to unilaterally price the virtual products. It provides, and has the right to change the price according to its own needs.

3.2 You acknowledge that the specific VIP Membership benefits, Content, or Service available may vary from time to time, including as a result of different software versions, device capabilities, operating systems, and other third-party reasons. You understand and agree that Casttingo can send you promotional information or other relevant business information by email or other means.

3.3 License Fee

This VIP service is provided by Casttingo. You shall pay the charges to us in accordance with this Agreement in order to use the VIP service. In addition, you can use it if you receive the VIP as a gift or through other ways permitted by Casttingo.

Casttingo shall modify and change relevant rights and interests, charging standards and methods according to the overall plan of this service. The aforesaid modifications and changes shall be demonstrated on corresponding pages. Besides, Casttingo will offer different discounts for users who want to buy or renew the VIP license, and the discount shall be announced on relevant pages. 

3.4 Payment

3.4.1 In iOS system, you can purchase in App Store and it is non-refundable; while for Android, PC and Mac, you can pay via PayPal, Credit Card, and other payment methods accepted by Casttingo according to the Agreement. After payment, you can request a refund in 30 days without giving reasons. When placing an order, please check and confirm your account and choose relevant options carefully. If there shall be a damage to your rights and interests because you subscribed for a wrong account or selected an unwanted charging type by inputting a wrong account, an improper operation, or not understanding the charging method and the like, Casttingo will not make any compensation.

3.4.2 You shall not subscribe for yourself or others by:

1) subscribing for yourself or others for profit or business purposes without authorization of Casttingo ;

2)subscribing for yourself or others by any robot software, spider software,crawler software and the like.

3)subscribing for yourself or others by any improper means or in breach of goodfaith;

4) subscribing for yourself or others in a way not approved by Casttingo;

5) subscribing for yourself or others in ways of infringement of the legal rights of Casttingo or others;

6)subscribing for yourself or others through other ways that violate relevantlaws, administrative regulations, and national policies, etc.

3.5 Duration of Service

3.5.1 The duration of this service is subject to the corresponding subscription period that you choose and pay for. You can also go to the corresponding pages of this Agreement to check it.

3.5.2 You acknowledge and agree that Casttingo will not make any compensation for: the duration of this service, including a reasonable time for bug fixing, server maintenance, adjustment, upgrade, and handling of third party infringement, etc.

3.6Guidelines for use

3.6.1 This service shall not be used for any infringement of the intellectual property rights, property rights, and reputation rights of Casttingo and any third party;

3.6.2 This is a payable service; by any means of infringement upon the charging, Casttingo shall have the right to hold the perpetrator accountable and to claim compensation;

3.6.3 This service shall not be used to harm or suspected to harm minors;

3.6.4This service shall not used for any engagement in any violation of laws,regulations, policies, social morality, and the like;

3.6.5 You acknowledge and agree, you shall be responsible for all actions in your account, including but not limited to mirroring your device to a public screen and any consequences arising therefrom.

4. Collection, Use and Protection of Personal Information of Membership

4.1 You acknowledge and agree: to fulfill this Agreement, we collect your personal information that you provided when using our services, including your account, nickname, avatar, phone number, etc., or information that we need for the sake of your account security, user experience optimization and the like. Casttingo’s collection of your personal information will follow the provisions of this Agreement, relevant privacy policies and laws.

4.2 You acknowledge and agree: in order to provide services, Casttingo shall collect your personal information and inform you of our activities, personalized recommendation information and promotion information on Casttingo website, in applications, or through text messages, calls, and emails.

If you do not want to receive relevant notifications, you can contact our customer service to close the service for you.
Unless you agree, Casttingo will not provide your information collected to third parties.

4.3 We follow the principle to protect your personal information and privacy. Except as otherwise to this Agreement, the collection, use and protection of your personal information by Casttingo for membership services will be governed by the privacy policy published by Casttingo.

5. Liability for Breach of Contract

5.1 Whenusing this service, you shall not breach the contract by:

5.1.1any breach of this Agreement;

5.1.2any violation of laws, regulations, rules, and normative provisions;

5.1.3destroying or affecting the provision of this service to any third party;

5.1.4any behaviour that damages network security;

5.1.5 causing adverse effects on the services and activities of this Agreement provided by Casttingo and associated third parties (including authorized parties and partners), and infringing upon and/or the legitimate interests of associated third parties and/or other users;

5.1.6any infringement of the legal rights and interests of any third party found byrelevant department;

5.1.7making illegal benefits using this service, including but not limited togaining improper profits through resale, transfer, delegation of authority,etc.

5.1.8 other infringement of legal rights and interest of Casttingo.

5.2Treatment for Breach of Contract

You confirm and agree, once there shall be a breach of contract, Casttingo shall have the rights to take one or more of the following actions:

5.2.1delete or block the relevant information;

5.2.2suspend or terminate part or all of this service;

5.2.3 the unused service fee shall be owned by Casttingo as liquidated damages, and we shall not refund any fees. The loss in your account (including but not limited to the loss of video data and the reduction of virtual products etc.) shall be at your own expense, and you shall also be compensated for the loss of Casttingo (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, litigation fees, etc.)

5.3Compensation Liability

If your breach of contract shall cause any damage to Casttingo and its affiliates, including direct economic loss and indirect economic losses, such as loss of business reputation, compensation, settlement, lawyer’s fee, litigation fee, etc., you shall be compensated for all the aforesaid loss to Casttingo and its affiliates.

If yourbreach of contract shall cause damage to any third party, you shall beindependently liable to the third party.

6. Disclaimer

6.1 When you use, watch, share, learn, reprint, forward, and recite related information and content, you should make independent judgments and use them legally. Casttingo does not assume any responsibility for damages and damages to third parties.
6.2 You know and confirm that Casttingo does not guarantee, including but not limited to the following situations: (1) This software and related services can fully meet your usage needs or meet your expectations; (2) This software and related services will not be interrupted; (3) Any errors in this software and related services will be can be corrected.
6.3 You know and confirm that if you download Casttingo of the same name from a website or platform that is not authorized by Casttingo, Casttingo cannot guarantee that it can be used normally, and cannot be held responsible for the loss caused by the use of such programs and software.
6.4 You know and confirm that for force majeure (force majeure: unforeseeable, insurmountable, unavoidable and objective events that have a significant impact on one or both parties, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, epidemics of plague, etc., as well as social Events such as wars, turmoil, government actions, interruption of telecommunications trunk lines, hackers, network congestion, technical adjustments in the telecommunications sector and government regulation, government regulation leading to the suspension or closure of one party’s services and websites, etc.) or other similar reasons that cause the software and related services In case of interruption or other defects (such as cloud services related to Casttingo), Casttingo does not need to assume any responsibility, but will make every effort at the commercial level to mitigate the damage caused by the above situation.
6.5 You know and confirm that, as a network service provider and information storage space, Casttingo cannot and has no right to make a substantive review of the content you output. Therefore, the information and personal data shared externally during your use of Casttingo may be copied, reproduced, tampered with or used for other purposes unrelated to your sharing purpose. You are hereby fully aware of the existence of such risks, and confirm that such risks should be entirely borne by you, and Casttingo shall not be responsible for it.
6.6 The Company’s services may include links to third-party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by Casttingo. We have no control over, and are not responsible for, the content, privacy policies or practices of any third-party website or service. Therefore, when browsing third-party websites, you do so at your own risk and solely responsible. We strongly recommend that you read the terms and guidelines and privacy policies of the third-party websites or services you visit.

7. Intellectual Property

7.1 Casttingo is the owner of all intellectual property rights in Casttingo. All the copyrights, trade marks, patents, trade secrets or other legitimate rights and interests in Casttingo (including all related materials, supported components or constituent elements and Casttingo as a whole), as well as all information (including texts, pictures, audios, videos, charts, interface design, framework, relevant data or electronic documents, etc.) related to Casttingo are protected by the laws and regulations of the United States. Casttingo enjoys the above-mentioned intellectual property rights and legitimate rights and interests, except for the rights that the relevant obligee should enjoy in accordance with the provisions of the law. You shall not in any way make commercial use of the Casttingo (including all related materials, supported components or constituent elements and Casttingo as a whole) without prior written consent.

You shall bear all legal responsibilities for any losses caused to the Company or others due to your violation of this Agreement by using the above-mentioned trademarks and logos of the Company.

7.2 Casttingo may involve intellectual property rights of third party. If the third party has a requirement for you to use it in Casttingo in accordance with this Agreement, Casttingo will notify you in an appropriate manner and you shall comply with it.

8. Suspension, Termination and Modification

8.1Either party shall have the right on notice the other party to suspend orterminate this Agreement if:

8.1.1the user shall suspend or terminate the service, including but not limited tonon-renewal when expired;

8.1.1 the user are in breach of this Agreement, Casttingo shall suspend or terminate the service;

8.1.2 it is at the request of the country or relevant department or in the event of force majeure, Casttingo shall suspend or terminate the service;

8.1.3there shall be suspension or termination according to other laws and regulations.

8.2 After the suspension or termination of the service, Casttingo has the right but not the obligation to ensure that you receive special notice. If you find that you can no longer log in or enjoy the service, consult the customer service.

8.3.1 Casttingo shall not be liable to the user or any third party for the suspension or termination of this service except for the liability under the law.

8.3.2For iOS system, fees deducted by App Store is nonrefundable; for otherplatforms, a user shall request a refund within 30 days without giving reasons.

8.4 You agree, that due to the particularity of Internet services, Casttingo has the right to modify, change, pause or terminate some or all of the services, or to change, delete, and transfer the contents stored or published in Casttingo by the user (collectively referred to as “change behaviour”). We reserve the right to take the aforesaid change behaviour without informing you, and you agree that service provided under any provisions of this Agreement shall be modified, paused or terminated without prior notice. In addition, you agree that no liability to you or any third party is required for any loss caused by the change.

9. Auto Renewal

9.1 Subscription plan: We provide 3 subscription plans, Monthly Subscription, QuarterlySubscription, and Annual Subscription.

9.2 Payment: After confirming the purchase, your purchase account will be charged. 

9.3 Renewal: You will be automatically charged 24 hours prior to the expiration of each billing cycle.

9.4 Cancellation of renewal: You can cancel your subscription at least 24 hours prior to the expiration of the existing plan.

9.4.1 How to cancel a subscription from Apple?

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap your name.
  • Tap Subscriptions.
  • Tap the subscription that you want to manage.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription.
  • If you don’t see Cancel, the subscription is already canceled and won’t renew.

9.4.2 How to cancel a subscription from Google Play?

  • Go to
  • Sign in to the correct Google Account.
  • At the left, click My subscriptions.
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  • Click Manage and Cancel subscription.

9.4.3 Self-service unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe by yourself on the page below, feel free to contact our support if you encounter problems.

9.4.4 Contact the support

  • Contact Casttingo Support Center.
  • Provide the order number and describe the reason to cancel a subscription.
  • Or you can click the live chat icon at the bottom right corner of the official website.

10. Notice

Allnotices under this Agreement will be sent to users by webpage announcement,direct messages, in-app message push, email, text messages, and the like. Anynotices given as aforesaid shall be deemed to have been given on the date ofsuch delivery.

You shall make sure that all the contact information are correct and valid so that you can receive notices. If there shall be a change in your contact information, you need to log in to Casttingo and modify it. If you provide an incorrect contact information or update your contact information without informing Casttingo on time, resulting in a failure to receive notices timely, then you shall bear losses and legal consequences.

Casttingo shall deliver all kinds of notices to you by one or several of the above means, and the contents of such notices may have a significant (good or bad) influence on you. Therefore, please make sure that the contact information is valid, and pay close attention to the corresponding notice.


When youuse this service, you shall be deemed to have read and agreed to be bound bythis Agreement.

10.2Dispute Resolution

If there shall be any dispute between you and Casttingo, you should settle it through friendly consultation at first; if the negotiation fails, you agree to submit the dispute to the people’s court where Casttingo resides.


Theheadings used in this Agreement are for reference purposes only and do notconstitute substantive matter to be considered in construing the terms of thisAgreement.

10.4Validity and Enforceablility

Theterms of this agreement shall be partially invalid or unenforceable for anyreason, and the remaining terms shall be valid and binding on both parties.

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