Text messaging or SMS is widely available on any level of mobile phones. From basic mobile devices to highly popular smartphones, all of them do have the capability to send and receive short messages. Messages come in different proportions, bundling with your carrier rate, plans and promos.

However if you are an Android user, certain Android applications provide an easy, fun, affordable and not to mention secure way of communicating. They allow you to manage your SMS messages in a very appealing and exciting way.

If you are having troubles sending group text messages or you simply want to revamp the native SMS interface of your phone, see this list below and find the best SMS manager for Android that you want. Learn things more than simple texting, you can even block unwanted persons or send messages at very low rates with them.

Top 10 free Android SMS manager – Completely Free!

n2manager SMS logo

n2manager SMS

This SMS manager allows users to send text messages anywhere in the world at a very low rate of €6.5 cents which is practically beneficial if your carrier charges unusually high text rates. It is also equipped with CHAT view in bubble style and features multi-language support of up to 18 languages. One of the most notable aspects of n2manager SMS is its SMS Popup which shows incoming messages from your Android desktop without even running the application.

GateSMS logo


GateSMS is a highly customizable and totally free management SMS app for Android phone with internet gateway support to which allow users to pay less for text messages. It offers automatic identification of the operator and setting your own message ringtone with different levels of vibration. Amazingly, GateSMS will not bug down your system with its minute size of just 1.5MB.

SmsGuard logo


This top SMS manager app for Android is known primarily for its blocking feature that filters SMS messages easy and convenient. It has the ability to automatically move text messages in the junk box or delete them directly without notification. Adding a number to the Deny List on the other hand will prevent that person from texting you. Smsguard guard requires Android versions 1.6 and up making it beneficial for those who own older Android devices.

SMS Manager logo

SMS Manager

Key features of this free Android SMS application include backing up as well as restoring text messages, password protection and having the ability to move SMS from Android inbox to application inbox. With the SMS manager, you don’t have to worry about your friends peeping into your personal text messages as you can hide them without even leaving a trace. Also, you can enable and disable SMS notification which comes very handy if you are in a meeting or just about to go in bed.

SMS Stats logo

SMS Stats

SMS Stats is a simple free Android SMS manager application that allows users to monitor sent and received SMS messages with its modest graphical interface. Being an SMS counter with extra options such as average length of word, frequently texted words and send/received ratio, you can view them all using its meek time graph with different indicators ranging from weekly, monthly or yearly. SMS Stats requires Android versions 1.6 and up to run.

Shark - Call & SMS Manager logo

Shark – Call & SMS Manager

Right after installing Shark it will greet you with an ocean blue interface that is soothing and relaxing to the eyes. Equipped with schedule fake SMS, call backup log, secret SMS sending and SMS backup; Shark deserves a sweet spot on the top 10 free Android text messages management tools. Obviously, it comes with a plethora of features but the most notable one is its ability to schedule call and text messages saving all your time and effort doing repetitive things.

SMS Communications Manager logo

SMS Communications Manager

With over 50,000 downloads, SMS communications manager is one of those automated Android SMS management apps that is simple to use and effective. It permits users to integrate the application to various services such as Google, Calendar and Gmail. Automated responder or interactive SMS is also available as well as other valuable features such as contacts management, birthday greetings, personal reminders and automatic filtering.

SMS Spam Blocker – Postman logo

SMS Spam Blocker

Receiving an average rating of 4.5 stars and with over 122,000 downloads; this SMS application proves that best things in life comes free. SMS spam blocker provides users a powerful spam detection filter in a very small footprint of just 865K. Now you can protect your phone from receiving spam messages from unknown senders while the automatic cleanup feature of old messages makes your device always free from clutters.

Manage SMS logo

Manage SMS

This beautifully interfaced application has the ability to search deleted SMS, restore messages and backup notes in a very convenient edge. And unlike other free Android phone management SMS apps, Manage SMS doesn’t come with intrusive ads and malware. Equipped with basic SMS statistics and multi-language support, the Manage SMS app requires Android versions 2.2 and up to run smoothly.

Auto SMS Cleaner/Deleter logo

Auto SMS Cleaner/Deleter

An app dedicates to restoring automatically deleted SMS messages at later time, the Auto SMS Cleaner/Deleter gives users a more convenient and efficient way of cleaning junk text messages. You can delete messages with or without rules using its simple-to-follow 3 steps while restoring it is available upon long click.

Whether you want bubbly Android SMS management apps, messaging scheduler with backup and restore options, or those which can provide high customization as well as blocking features; sure that the market is filled with many Android SMS applications that will fancy your desire. Head on to the play store and unleash the hidden powers of SMS without even spending a dime!

If you want to manage your Android SMS from PC, you can download a powerful desktop Android managing tool below.


The simple tutorial to manage Android messages on PC as follows:

Step 1: Run the tool after you download and install it.

Step 2: Click “SMS” in the left sidebar in the main-interface.

Step 3: In the SMS interface, click “Import/Export” button to import/export your text messages. Click “New” button to type your new messages or click “Delete” button to delete your unwanted SMS.

Warm Prompt: The above-mentioned SMS managers are all used on your Android devices. If you want to send text messages from computer, please use the post – how to send SMS from PC to mobile as a reference.

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