Ubuntu is a Linux-based computer operating system. It is a free operating system in contrast to Apple’s Mac OS X and Microsoft’s Windows, then you don’t need to pay exuberant fees to get it. It can perform basic computing tasks and also allows to install third party applications from different providers.

Though, bear in mind that not all programs are compatible with Ubuntu. If you’re using this operating system and wish to record high quality audio, finding the right audio recorder for Ubuntu will cost a lot of time. The reason is tons of wonderful audio recorders are available but not all of them can be installed on your system. To save much of your time and effort looking for the right application, below is a compilation of different sound recorders made fully compatible with Ubuntu.

Amazing Ubuntu Audio Recorders

1. Audio Recorder

One software that is used by many Ubuntu fanatics is the Audio Recorder. This program is made specifically for Ubuntu and can be easily acquired online. With it, you can record all kinds of sound coming from your computer. You can use it to record Skype conversations, streaming audios, background music of streaming videos easily. Besides, it lets you record external sound, webcams and many more. Moreover, after recording, you can save the file in the format you want. The Audio Recorder supports OGG, FLAC, MP3, SPX and WAV formats.

Another good thing about this software is that you can use it to make scheduled recordings. There is a timer panel in the “Settings” where you can specify the time and duration for recording. One major loophole of Audio Recorder is that the developer’s website isn’t frequently updated which makes it hard to find latest news and valuable info regarding the software.

ubuntu audio recorder

2. Traverso DAW

Different from other applications, Traverso DAW features both audio recording and editing functions. This software is very easy to use, the straightforward interface facilitates you to get all the features that need for an efficient audio recording accessible. The DAW on Traverso stands for Digital Audio Workstation and it does live up on its name because you can use it to record sounds, edit files, create CDs, modify sample rate, create CD TOC and many more. For a smooth Ubuntu audio recording, using Traverso DAW will truly help you most.

traverso daw

3. KWave

If you want a basic Ubuntu sound recorder, KWave is the software you could try. With this application one can record, playback, import and edit audio files. It supports 24 bit audios and multicore CPUs to power up to process of editing, various audio file formats, multiple window recording, one-click undo/redo and many more. The strongest feature of KWave lies in its extendable plugin interface because it is equipped with tons of recording options such as lowpass filter, pitch shifter, save blocks, silence, and so on.

Aside from being a great sound recorder, KWave can equally edit audio files. However, even if their webpage states support for various audio formats, it seems that users are only having success when editing WAV files.

kwave audio recorder

4. QArecord

Very much the same with Windows Sound Recorder, QArecord is yet another nice audio recorder to Ubuntu. The tool doesn’t have fancy features as compared with other applications of its kind, but the simplicity makes it user friendly even for novice users. Using this app to record audio on your computer is deemed to be easy, just click “New” and hit the “Record” button below to facilitate recording process. It supports both 16 and 32 bit mode as well as JACK client. For simple audio recording needs, QArecord is sufficient.

QA recorder

5. Audacity

If there’s one audio recording software that is popular on Windows and Mac operating systems, it would be none other than Audacity. Luckily, Audacity has its own version for Ubuntu. The program can record basically almost all types of sounds coming from your computer: live audios, computer playbacks, radio shows and etc. You can also use it to convert tapes as well as digital recordings into audio CDs.

When it is done with audio recording, it can help to cut, copy, paste, delete or merge audio files depending on your desires. Conversely, keep in mind that audio editing is not available to AAC and WMA file formats.

audacity for ubuntu

Finding the right Ubuntu audio recorder is undeniably challenging because viable options are limited. For basic sound recording, Audio Recorder and QArecord should easily do the job. But if you want a more feature-filled application, give KWave and Traverso DAW a try.

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