Transcribing speech into text offers numerous benefits across various domains. It ensures accessibility for those with hearing impairments or a preference for reading, promoting inclusivity and broadening audience reach. The text format enhances searchability, aiding quick retrieval of information, valuable for researchers and students dealing with large data volumes. Transcriptions facilitate content analysis, assisting researchers in identifying patterns. In educational settings, they serve as valuable tools for supplementary study materials. Fortunately, in this article,we’ve gathered the best programs that you can use to transcribe text to audio for free in just a few simple steps.

transcribe text to audio free

Best Solutions to Transcribe Text to Audio Free

RecCloud AI Speech to Text

First, we have the AI Text to Speech function of RecCloud. This is a simple yet powerful online solution that will surely help you convert text to audio instantly. Not to mention, this program enables you to select your preferred voice type before converting it, whether it is male or female. One good thing about this program is the ability to turn your text into speech in different languages immediately. These languages include Chinese, English (US), English (UK), Spanish, Japanese, French, Portuguese, and many more.

convert text to speech


  • Straightforward user interface.
  • Supports different languages in converting text to speech.
  • Lets you convert text to speech for up to 30,000 characters.
  • Enables users to check the conversion before finalizing the output.


  • Internet-dependent program.


Rev stands out as a transcription platform renowned for its efficient services that simplify the conversion of audio and video content into text. Recognized for its quick turnaround and precision, Rev enables users to promptly receive top-notch transcriptions from either AI algorithms or skilled transcribers. The platform offers a range of transcription styles, including general, verbatim, and timestamped, catering to diverse needs. With capabilities extending to foreign language transcription and translation, this auto transcribe text to audio solution proves to be a versatile choice for a global user base.

transcribe text to audio free online


  • It is also capable of extracting key insights and providing content summaries.
  • It allows real-time adjustments to captions during video playback.
  • Provides excellent foreign language support.


  • Its performance is highly dependent on your internet speed.
  • The expense of employing Rev’s services may vary depending on usage.


Sonix is another online transcription tool that is powered by AI technology that offers a diverse set of features. Wherein it lets you transcribe text to audio and video files in over 40 languages. Not to mention, this platform excels at simplifying the complex task of locating specific information within the transcripts. Meanwhile, its search functionality improves efficiency and assists users in research or extracting crucial insights. With the feature of this free online text-to-audio transcriber program, it will surely help you to save time in discovering valuable information from video or audio recordings.

auto transcribe text to audio


  • Enables the editing, searching, organizing, and sharing of transcripts from any device.
  • Translates transcripts into more than 40 languages, serving a worldwide audience.
  • Empowers users with tools to enhance the accessibility and engagement of videos.


  • Only offers 30 minutes free trial.
  • New users might face challenges adjusting to the user interface.


Transcribe is an online tool designed specifically for turning your audio files into text, with a focus on transcribing interviews, podcasts, and lectures. Its user-friendly interface and customizable keyboard shortcuts facilitate quick editing. Similar to Rev and TranscribeMe, Transcribe utilizes human transcriptionists, ensuring accurate and mostly error-free transcripts that can be easily edited using their built-in editor. The platform supports various audio formats, eliminating the need for pre-conversion. However, the language support of this program for transcribing text to audio for free is not as extensive as AI-based tools like RecCloud and Sonix.

free online text to audio transcriber


  • Availability of a free trial.
  • Compatibility with various audio file formats.
  • Flexible pricing options.


  • Advanced features are restricted to paid plans.
  • Language support is limited compared to others.

Happy Scribe

Unlike most platforms on this list that solely provide transcription services, Happy Scribe goes a step further by offering video subtitling capabilities. The platform includes various features to improve the transcription process, such as speaker identification, automated punctuation, and time-stamping using machine transcription at a level comparable to a human transcriptionist. You just need to log in on the official website of this transcribe text to audio free online tool using your Google Account or SSO to use all of its features.

transcribe text to audio free


  • Options for per-minute or subscription plans.
  • User-friendly interface with integrated editing features.
  • Support for multiple languages.


  • Automated transcription may occasionally have inaccuracies.
  • Extra charges for video subtitling services.


To sum it up, there are the leading online tools that you can rely on to transcribe text to audio for free. Among these programs, RecCloud AI Speech to Text stands out because of its features. Aside from that, it supports a wide range of different languages. For more suggestions, feel free to leave your comments below.              

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