As we know that Twitter is a networked world where users publish and read short messages there, it is one of the inseparable social media tools related to our life. Some twitterers prefer to screenshot tweets for preserving, for example, the entertainment gossip, news spots, and public voices, etc. However, how to create snapshots for those tweets or even add in your annotation becomes a new issue. Here the article is going to teach how to make screenshot on twitter.

Generally speaking, both Windows and Mac systems provide a default way for capturing things on your screen. So that people can press “PrtScn” on Windows or “Cmd+Shift+4” on Mac to do the screenshot easily. However, this method only captures the full screen and you need to edit it with another tool. Therefore it is definitely not suitable for region capture although it’s simply enough. Nonetheless, there are various PC applications list below can make region screenshots with powerful advanced functions.

THE BEST: Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro

screenshot Twitter

Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro is an integrated screenshot application which has various capture modes, powerful advanced image editors, and one-click social media share functions. In addition, the cloud storage is available for free without registration requirement, and you can also schedule your screenshot task for any specific period of time.

For personal recommendation, this pro edition is definitely the optimal suggestion for making twitter screenshots especially for those tweets you want to do further edit. Besides, the one-click share function also allows you to post re-edit tweet at once.


Furthermore, you also have an alternative option that to accessed online to run Apowersoft Free Screen Capture with essential screenshot functions and built-in simple image editors. By adopting this version, you can add shapes, texts, callouts, or do any other edit on the screenshots. And the most distinctive feature of this version is the share options available on quick editor, which can help you to share the snapshot right away.

Moreover, there are some other screenshot tools which are also very suitable for taking a screenshot on Twitter.

Alternatives 1. Microsoft Snipping Tool

For most of Windows system users, Microsoft Snipping tool is a piece of snapshot software that most Windows users are familiar with, as it comes with the system. The operation is quite simple that you even can do the screenshots without any guidelines. Just click “Start” icon on your desktop, and key in “Snipping tool” to search it, then you can directly run the application.

Snipping Tool

However, this application is not powerful enough to satisfy the users’ need of twitter screenshot, since the tool only lets you edit with custom pen and highlighter functions. Besides, the application doesn’t have any sharing options.

Alternatives 2. Greenshot

Greenshot is an industry established brand software and also one of the simplest methods to screenshot tweets. The “Capture window from list” option allows you to grabs screenshots of any window.


Moreover, Greenshot also supports capturing the whole Twitter webpage by adopting “Capture Internet Explorer”. However, this function is only available for IE. It means this does not work on other browsers.

Alternatives 3. LightShot

LightShot is also a very convenient application to take a screenshot on twitter, it not only supports editing and customizing capture area, but also allows to upload and share your snapshots. Therefore LightShot is definitely easy to operate with those superior functions.


However, this software also exists a drawback that the captured image may get lost after being copied to clipboard.


The post here gives you multiple ways on how to make twitter screenshot. Whatever the application above you adopt, it would make you capture the tweets or other desktop activities convenient and efficiency. However, the most appreciate tool would be the Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro, not only due to its powerful functions, but also by reason of its effectiveness.


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