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In the course of learning, there are several tips we can adopt to improve the studying efficiency and enhance the learning effects. Below are six practical study tips for you to avoid stressing yourself out and teach you how to become more concentrated and more effective for studying.

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Learning Tips And Tricks

Choose a time and place

In studying a lesson, it is important to select a time and place where you’ll be comfortable with. A conducive setting will help you to adjust yourself to the right state of mind and further let you to study more efficiently.

  • Find a study place – Pick a place where you can study the topics without any interruptions. You can list the goals you need to achieve, which will help you have a clearer mind of what you are going to next.
  • Set a time – You can set a study time which you will take for all the goals today, or set a solid study schedule to prioritize the courses you need to study.

Make it a hobby to study every day

Just like the famous saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” This is also true with studying. To gradually adopt the habit of studying each day will eventually make you experience the advantage of learning regularly, such as getting the hang of a certain skill, absorbing knowledge regularly, making yourself keep up with the latest educational information or resources, finding the right way to study, and most importantly, obtaining a better and stronger learning ability.

adopt study habit

Use the mnemonics in memorizing long words

When trying to remember things, it’s better to incorporate it into abbreviated names so that you can recall it right away. This can be though of as study tips for exams, like memorizing long words:


  • Words: Parenthesis Exponential Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction
  • Mnemonics: PEMDAS, which stands for Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
use nmemonics

Make a reviewer

Next time, when you are asking yourself, “How to study fast and effectively?” Make sure to keep in mind that a reviewer would help a lot for coming up with a reviewer is more useful than highlighting essential learning points on textbook when you want to memorize the emphasized parts.

make reviewer

Take breaks

During the studying, don’t push yourself too hard and take breaks intermittently. Knowing the importance of taking a break is definitely one of the most valuable learning tips for students for the health always comes first. Eating snacks, going for a walk or taking will both help you to relax and feel more energetic when you continue studying in the next round.

learn to take break

Know your goals and avoid distractions

The very first thing you need to do before using the study tips is to set your goals, knowing what you want to achieve and why you want to study so hard for it. Plus, setting the goals will indirectly let you avoid all the unnecessary trivials. And make sure not to indulge in the phone or be distracted other irrelevant things which may slow down the learning progress.

Extra learning tips for students:

Certain efficient tool can be used for studying to yield twice the result with half the effort. Such as using Evernote to memorize important study points, adopting RefME to make easy review or using ApowerREC to save online courses.


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