PDF file is one of the commonly use file format for sharing documents online. There comes a time where in you can encounter a PDF file that is so hard to read due to its inappropriate orientation. Some are place sideways, down ways, etc. A PDF reader has an ability to rotate a PDF file but the problem is that it will just rotate it temporarily. This is why many of PDF users are looking for the best way for them to rotate a PDF file permanently. For this can lessen the burden of rotating the files every now and then and it will also aid in understanding any PDF file must clearer.

Ways of rotating PDF file online free

You might find some ways to rotate PDF document online, but you can’t be sure about these ways since there are number of them that does not provide the best quality output and will just mess with your file. And to get the optimal result here are the finest ways that you can use to rotate page in PDF.

Method 1: RotatePDF.net

In this first method that we have, we will make use of an online application to rotate PDF page, which is the RotatePDF.net. This is a popular application that is being used by many users throughout the Wold Wide Web. By using this program the user is given a choice for what rotation angle that they want for their PDF file, you can select from 90° clockwise, 180° clockwise, or 90° counter clockwise. It is a great app to use, but there are some flaws that are needed to be fix such as: it can only process a PDF file size that is limited to 10MB, there are too many ads that goes along while processing the PDF file, Its service is just limited to rotating PDF file, and editing features is not included.

RotatePDF.net interface

Method 2: PDFaid PDF Rotation Online

In our second method we will again make use of another free application to rotate PDF online, this is the PDFaid PDF Rotation Online. This program can turn and rotate any PDF file in various orientation pages from landscape – portrait – vice versa. Just like in the above application you are given an option to what extent you want to rotate your PDF file. The only issue that you might experience with this program is the 20MB max size limitation of this program, and there are times where in the app is unresponsive.

PDFaid PDF Rotation Online

The best shareware to rotate page in PDF

On the other hand, if you are in search of the best shareware that you can utilize as a free PDF rotator, then Apowersoft PDF Editor is the one for you. This is an up to date application that is equipped with all of the must have function that a PDF editor must contain.

rotate PDF with PDF editor

Aside from permanently rotating a PDF file, in can also do all of the basic editing functions, merge and split, delete, extract, it also enables you to edit scanned image-based PDF files with OCR technology, add watermarks, fill in electronic PDF forms and a document converter. All of these magnificent features can be use instantly as soon as you get this program. Reinvent the way you use PDF file and start to use this tool right now.


Let’s make some comparison

If we are going to make a comparison of all of the application that we have discussed, you can barely notice that Apowersoft PDF Editor do has an advantage compare to RotatePDF.net and PDFaid PDF Rotation Online. This is due to the fact that the service of the first two programs is focused rotating a PDF file no more no less. Unlike Apowersoft PDF Editor which is multi task program that can carry various PDF editing that includes PDF file rotation. And most of all it includes an up to date innovation that make this program a top caliber PDF editor.

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