I accidentally deleted all the pictures saved on my Samsung Galaxy S4. I don’t have any copies saved since I didn’t back them up. Please help! Is there anything I can do to get my photos back? Is there a program I can use to restore my images?

Use Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery Program

Photos are important since they preserve the memories of the past. Those moments will pass but they can be captured and they can live on forever through pictures. You don’t even need a digital camera nowadays to capture photos as most phones have built in camera. Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular phones today. If you accidentally deleted the photos on your Samsung Galaxy, don’t panic as there is still a chance to recover those precious images. There are several Samsung Galaxy file recovery programs that you can use to get your photos back.

Method One: Data Recovery for Android

This is a powerful program that does not only recover accidentally deleted photos but other data and files including music, contacts, SMS and videos. Aside from Samsung Galaxy, it also supports other Android devices such as Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, LG, ZTE, Sony, HTC One and HTC M4. Whether you accidentally deleted the files, your device was corrupted or it was reformatted, this application can still restore them for you.


This Samsung Galaxy S4 recovery program scans your device for existing, as well as deleted files. The deleted files are red in color so you can differentiate them easily from the current files. You can preview the deleted files so you would know which to restore. You can restore all the files found or you can select only the ones that you would like to recover. It allows backing up of data from your Android device to your computer. This Samsung Galaxy data recovery tool is safe so you don’t have to worry about your personal information being leaked when searching and restoring deleted data.

Samsung data recovery

Aside from this Data Recovery for Android, you may also want to use Apowersoft Free Android Manager, which you can use for conveniently managing your media data. This is a free application that lets you transfer and backup files from your Android device to your computer, may it be Mac or Windows. You can also use this to manage your applications, SMS and contacts of your device on your computer.

Method Two: MiniTool Power Data Recovery

If you do not want to spend anything to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S4, there are applications that you can use for free. One of these programs is MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition. This is a tool that can recover deleted or lost photos and other files on your phone, as well as on your computer, memory card, USB flash drive and other storages. However, the free version only lets you recover up to 1GB of data. The full version can give you unlimited recovery but this comes with a fee.

Mini tool data recovery


While the two applications are both effective in restoring photos, as well as other files on your device, the Data Recovery for Android does not limit the files that you can recover. As mentioned, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition only allows up to 1GB of data recovery. They both have user friendly interface but Apowersoft is better since it will guide you through the steps on how to recover the files, which makes it perfect even for beginners. If recovering small size of data, the freeware may be good enough for you. However, if you need to restore all deleted and lost files that are over 1GB in size, it is best to go for Data Recovery for Android.

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