Record Video with QuickTime

Record Video with QuickTime

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The QuickTime player is a media player that was developed by Apple Inc., which was released 21 years ago. This media player provides its user with various functions such as playing video and music, as well as viewing picture, etc. Although it has been known as a default media player for Mac devices, its earlier version was also available in Windows platforms. Aside from playing various video and audio files, this tool also be used as a QuickTime recorder.

How QuickTime Works – Record Screen with QuickTime

One of its recording functions include screen video recording. This feature will allow you to record the whole screen or just some part of it. To record screen with QuickTime just hit “File” – “New Screen Recording”, then tap the “Record” button which appears in red circle. If you prefer to capture the full screen simply click the screen anywhere to start capturing. Moreover, if you want to record a portion of the screen just move the cursor to the desired location and hit the record button. If you are done with the recording you can finish it up by clicking the “Stop” button.

screen record with quicktime

On the other hand, if you are done with QuickTime screen recording and still want to record an audio track, then you can make use of the QuickTime audio recorder. You can now save the audio track that you want for later usage. To begin with the audio recording, click the “File” button once again, then select “New Audio Recording”. Just like screen recording you can start with the process by hitting the circular red “Record” button and press it again to end. The current number of the recorded audio file is located at the bottom of the controls together with the sound meter. Using the QuickTime capture will also give you an option to which audio source will it get, you can choose the built in Mic or an external microphone, etc.

quicktime audio recording

A Far Better Solution – Recording Screen as Video

It is true that QuickTime is doing a decent job in recording screen and audio. Although it is basically built as a media player and not as a recorder thus some functions are still lacking. It also needs a further software download and installation for it to be utilized. Another concern for using this program is its compatibility with various OS aside from Mac OS which is always an issue for Apple devices.

For a better recording experience it is advisable to use Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder. This tool is designed to handle any recording needs plus added features that is necessary for managing recorded files. Click the “Download” button to install and launch it afterwards.


A recording tool will then be open, now to begin press the downward arrow that is besides the “Record” menu. Different recording options are then shown, you can choose “Region” or “Full Screen” for screen recording. You can also record your webcam stream by clicking the “Web Camera”, and it will be recorded together with the screen. You can choose to record system sound as well as microphone or both. Moreover, there are added interesting features that can not be found on QuickTime recorder. Some of which include a powerful file converter so that you can convert the recorder file to many different formats. And it produces a very high definition video output. The Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder is indeed a compact program and you can’t find anything like it.

mac apowersoft screen recorder

There are a lot of programs that has a recording function, however, there may be some issues regarding its performance because they are not built just for recording. Unlike tools such as Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder that is designed for the sole purpose of screen and audio recording, which can produce a higher quality output and 100 percent stable.

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