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Professional Product Photography for Amazon

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Product photography for Amazon plays a crucial role to generate a sale. It leaves a greater impression with your customers when they first visited Amazon online. This is why most sellers need to have better product photography. If you are one of them, simply check some of the practical and useful guides we listed below for you.

Guides for Better Product Photography for Amazon

Requirements of Product Photography for Amazon

Oftentimes when you setup a new product list, you will have to meet the Amazon’s product image standards. Refer to the following requirements listed below to be updated on its requirements.

amazon product image standards

  • Image size must be at least 1000 pixels (weight or height).
  • All background color should have a clear and white background.
  • Upload JPEG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF files for file format.
  • Avoid adding text, borders, logos, and watermarks in your photo.

How to Take Product Photos for Amazon with your Phone

Use a Natural Light and Turn your Camera into Portrait Mode

If the only equipment you have at home to take a product photo is a smartphone, you may use a natural light and portrait mode from your camera. This is a good example of the best Amazon product photography especially if you have no enough budget. Basically natural light refers to any light made by sunlight that can produce great photos with the help of portrait mode. But using too much light may produce an undesired color temperate and might ruin the entire product image. While the portrait mode helps the subject of the picture is kept in focus and the background falls out of focus.

natural light for product photography for amazon

Use a Whiteboard to Achieve Consistent Look

Using a whiteboard is one of the easiest ways on how to take product photos for Amazon. In addition, to give you a consistent look, it can also help you create clean photographs and eliminate distractions. You can easily get a whiteboard with a favorable price from a convenient shop or any store. Besides that, you can use a table where you’ll place the product on the whiteboard and start shooting with your smartphone.

whiteboard for photography

Apply Camera Angles

There are several angles that you can use using your phone that works well for product photography for Amazon. This includes eye level, high angle, low angle, bird’s eye, and slanted. And all these angles allow you to emphasize the features of your product and make it more engaging for your customers. Of course, to take a perfect shot for your brand, you should use them properly and familiarize their use.

Camera angles for product photography

Take a Basic Photo Editing Class

It is important to learn basic photo editing tips to meet all the requirements of Amazon. You can watch free tutorials on any social sharing sites such as YouTube and Facebook that will guide you on how to take product photos from Amazon. Some of them will teach you to crop and clean up your photos, adjust white balance, adjust exposure and contrast, and sharpen images.

photo editing class

Free Guide: How to Edit Pictures with Apowersoft Background Eraser

It is inevitable to capture almost perfect product photos due to lacking necessary materials or equipment. The same goes if you have no whiteboard which is used to ensure clean and consistent product photographs, as well as achieving natural light. There are many ways to help you in this situation. One way is using a photo editing app called Apowersoft Background Eraser. It is the best option for product photography for Amazon. This app helps you change your background with a plain color or a custom background to acquire clear background and natural lighting. Also, it works well both on Android and iOS devices and lets you crop, resizes, duplicate, and flip your image.

To learn how to edit product photo, follow the steps below.

  • Open it to choose product recognition.
  • Then your background will be removed instantly.
  • To enhance your photo, tap the “Beautify” tab to adjust the brightness and saturation.
  • Then to add a white background, tap the “Background” tab then choose the color white.
  • Finally, hit the “Save HD” button to process

apowersoft background eraser of product photography for amazon


Whether you are an expert or beginner, you have to meet all the requirements in terms of product photography for Amazon. And this is the first step in gaining the interest of your customers and making them want to purchase your product. Therefore, in order to obtain the best result, you have to follow all the guides above.

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