Best Ways to Play Genshin Impact on PC

If you want a game that has a good storyline, better graphics, and interesting features, consider playing Genshin Impact. It is a free play game with Ghibli-like animation and features magical characters and mystical beings. The players are called “travelers”. Instead of following the game story, you are to play by exploring the Place called Teyvat. One of the most common comments about this game is the Graphics. The graphics are amazing for the video quality is UHD and consistent all throughout the game. That is why it is more fun to play it on a bigger screen like a computer and others. So, we listed some of the apps that you can use to play Genshin Impact on PC.

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How to Play Genshin Impact on PC



A multi-platform screen mirroring tool with ultimate smooth and high-resolution service, ApowerMirror continues to dominate the web. With the continuous updates to improve the service, you will now experience simultaneous mirroring 4 devices in one PC. On top of that, playing your mobile game on PC using your computer keyboard and mouse as controls is feasible. This way you won’t need emulators anymore. That is why it is recommended as good to play Genshin Impact on the computer. To know how, follow the guide below.

  • Download and install ApowerMirror on your phone and PC.


  • Get a USB cable to connect your phone and PC, then launch the app on both devices.
  • Now enable USB debugging from your settings. It is usually under developer options. For new devices, it might be located differently depending on the make and model of your phone. Check your manufacturer to verify. Meanwhile, for Samsung devices, you have to enable “MTP.”


  • Once settings needed are enabled, click the OK button from the pop-up window and the mirroring will begin.

    tap start now to start mirroring xiaomi

  • From there start playing Genshin Impact.




As mentioned, most people download emulators to play games on PC. It is understandable that they may consider it as the best option, however, you have to consider the size of the internal memory and processor of your PC. If it is low, this may not be enough to sustain the app and you may experience slowness and lag while playing. Nevertheless, you can still use it to play games. Just that you have to make sure you are running high-specs computers. Meanwhile, here is how to play Genshin Impact on computer.

  • Download and Install the latest version of BlueStacks from the official website.
  • Follow the installation guide then after installing it, find Playstore.


  • Enter your credentials to download apps.
  • Now, search for Genshin Impact.
  • Install the game and start playing.

Best Practices


Just like any other games, there are tips and strategies that you can apply to win or ace the game. It is common for many gamers to find an easy path or easy way to overcome some challenges in the game. Below, we listed some tips and tricks about how to play Genshin Impact on PC.

  • Upgrade your low-grade weapons to Plenthora of weapons and gears. Use enhancement ores after you reach a higher level and obtain 4-stars weapon.
  • Manage your stamina by paying attention to the stamina meter. It is crucial to maintain a reasonable level to it because if you lose strength in the middle of climbing a mountain, you will fall and die.
  • Make sure to explore the entire Place. It is rewarding because you will be able to find raw materials, chests, puzzles, and others that can help you with your needs to the succeeding levels.
  • Manage each Character by studying the pros and cons of each character. This way you will learn who can do more damage to your enemies plus being aware of which is the playable character or not.familiarize-character


Make sure to read all tips and tricks listed in this article to know how to play the game smart. Also, both tools listed are tried and tested for your convenience. If you have suggestions or further questions about the tool, you can leave us a comment below.

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