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Photo backgrounds can effectively make your photo beautiful and amazing. However, sometimes the background can also ruin the subject of your photography. It can't be helped that sometimes there are unwanted things that end up in our pictures. That's why we often want a tool that can help to remove photo background. We listed the top 6 sites that can remove background online with just a few steps. We also include a powerful third-party application that can automatically process the watermark. Let's check them out.

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6 Sites that Can Remove Background Online

Online Background Eraser

As its name implies, this is a web-based tool that can remove background online free. Many people worry about the security of the images when using online services. This one will keep your uploaded pictures completely confidential. And it will delete all images from its server within 24 hours. The best part is it can automatically cut out the background in seconds. The only thing you need to do is to upload your photos. If you want to change the background with a new one, it has some templates available.

  • Visit its official site, choose recognition and click the “Upload Image” button to upload your photo.

    online background remover

  • Once uploaded, the background from your photo will be removed automatically.

    online background remover

  • Click the “Edit” tab if you want to change the background or crop your photo.
  • Then click the “Download” button to save and process it.

    online background remover


Apowersoft Online Background Eraser works not only on another website, but also on Windows and Mobile devices. Click the download button below which you prefer using.


Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic is another site that we recommend when you want to remove background from photo online without software downloads and installations. This tool will automatically delete the background from your photos after you upload your image. You can easily get a precise cutout with a transparent background because it also offers Keep Tool and Remove Tool to modify the area that you want. The only drawback is it will leave a big watermark on the center if you do not subscribe.

  • Open the official website in your preferred browser.
  • Click “Upload Image” or you can just drag the image to import the photo into the site.

remove background from photo online

  • Once imported, the background of your photo will be automatically removed.
  • Finally, save your work by clicking the “Download” button.

remove background from photo online with clippingmagic


PhotoScissor is another online photo background remover that can easily cut out the background from the photo. You can easily separate the foreground of the photo from its background. But it is strict with photo formats, size, and resolution. It only supports PNG and JPG photos. The photo size should be under 10Mb, and the maximum resolution is 4.2Mpx. Therefore, if your photo happened to exceed the limits, then you cannot use it. Like the first site, you have it to purchase to download the photo. However, the best part of it is its ease of use.

  • Go to the official website.
  • From its interface, click the “Upload Image” button and upload the photo you want to process.

online photo background remover

  • Then the photo background will automatically be deleted.
  • Hit the “Save” icon that is located at the upper right corner of the screen.

online photo background remover with photoscissors

Image Online. Co

Image Online.Co is an easy to use photo editing site that includes all the necessary functions to enhance a photo. All available functions are listed on the left. When it comes to remove background online free, this one is definitely one of the best. It provides two ways: Remove white background and Make transparent background, and you can set the color strength to remove other mixed colors on the photo.

  • Visit the official web site of this online tool.
  • Next, go to the left side of your screen and click “Make Transparent background”.
  • Click “Select Image” to import the photo that you need.

remove background online free

  • Highlight the background of your photo until it will all be deleted.

remove background online free

  • Once done, you can save your photo by clicking the photo format that you want.

remove background online free save file

Background Burner

One more tool that can remove background online is Background Burner. This professional photo editor will make your photo backgrounds transparent.  This tool uses high-tech algorithms to detect colors, lines, and other objects in its background. Additionally, Image Online. Co will allow you to batch process your photos, which is really time-saving and a practical advantage over other online tools.

  • First, open its official site then create or log in your account.
  • Then, click “Choose a Photo” to import the photo that you want to edit on the tool.

remove background online

  • Background Burner will show different options to choose from. Just click the “Select” button under the photo you like.

remove background online with background burner

  • Lastly, hit the “Download” button to save the file on your computer.

remove background online downloaded


Lunapic is one of the most amazing photo editors that has the ability to remove background from photo online. This online application can easily and quickly delete the neighboring colors from your photo’s background. With Lunapic, you can have complete control over everything that you want for your photo.

  • Open the official web page of the tool on your browser.
  • Click the “Choose File” button to upload the photo that you need.

remove background from photo online with Lunapic

  • Next, select “Transparent” then your image background will be deleted.

Lunapic to remove background from photo online

  • Once you are satisfied with the result, just click”Save” to download your file.


FeaturesOnline Background EraserClipping Magic (Online)Photo Scissors (Online)Image Online.Co (Online)Background Burner (Online)Lunapic (Online)
Free or with free trials      
Remove background automatically      
Precise cutout      
Built-in background templates      
Keep and remove tool      

With the help of the online photo background remover tools mentioned above, anyone can edit their own photos and delete the unwanted backgrounds. You just have to visit the sites of these tools to try them out. And if you want a free-online background remover, then Online Background Eraser must be your top choice.

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