Top Plugins for Word in 2019

Top Plugins for Word in 2019

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Whether it is business, profession or school, Microsoft Word has been widely used. It helps people create documents and it has functionalities that an old-school type writer machine doesn’t have and that can help us compose posts easily. However, no matter how advantageous this is, it still lacks some features, which may be useful for some people. Thus, it is highly suggested that you should install add-ins for Microsoft Word. That way, the easy can become easier and the convenient can become more convenient. Moreover, this way can also improve productivity and efficiency. Now, let’s scroll down the page and check out what you need for your Microsoft Word.

How to Find and Install Plugins for Word

Before introducing the most recommended add-ins that you should have, let us first learn how to find and install a plug-in.

Step 1: Find the store where ad-ins are available.

Open MS Office and then click “Insert”. Then choose “Add-ins” and select “Store”. On the store, you can browse and search for different add-ins.

Insert Add-ins

Step 2: Install the add-in

After browsing and searching, click on the add-in that you want and then click “Add” so you can be able to use it. Once you open your MS Word, the Microsoft Word plugins added will immediately appear on the tool bar.

Note: Add-ins tab is available for Word 2013 or later.

7 Excellent Add-ins for Microsoft Word

DocuSign for Word

Docusign Feature

This add-in can help you sign electronically while editing a document with Word. After you add the signature to the document, you can send it to yourself as well as other people. Furthermore, this tool can also let you send a document to someone for the purpose of eSignature. Just drop a tag on the spot where you want to put the signature. The recipient will then be guided to where he or she will sign.

Tabs for Word

Word Tab

In case you are working with a lot of documents, then having office tabs can help you. With this add-in, you’ll be able to open one window to access and manage multiple documents with individual tabs for each. This improves productivity because you don’t need to browse all your files finding a document after another.
However, not all add-ins for Microsoft Word can be found in add-ins store, like this one, you need to download the add-in, and install it to your computer. After that, open the app to finish the settings, and restart your Microsoft Word, then you can open the Word files in a Window.

Download: Tabs for Word


Pickit Plugin

If you always make templates, brochures or anything that needs eye catching images, then Pickit is a good plug-in for you to use. It has a huge library of HD images which you can use for brochures, newsletter and more. All the images in here are optimized for Word so there is no major adjustments that you will need to do. And you can choose and go to different categories to find the items you need. The categories include animals, business, icons, clip arts, technology and many more. Also, you can search for what you want to add to your Word.

Consistency Checker

Consistency Checker

One of the most recommended plugins for Word is the Consistency Checker. Although MS Word has a built-in grammar checker, it seems not enough if you are making a professional document. This add-in can help you distinguish your number of sentences, spelling errors, hyphenation and more. Better yet, it will check whether your article contains two international spellings. And it will suggest you to spell out the contractions in full for formal situation. All these will be helpful to compose an excellent post.


TextAloud Plugin

TextAloud reads out the content in a Word document loud for you. When you are busy with other work but want to check the text of a Word document or you just don’t want to read the text, you can try this one, one of the best Microsoft Word plugins for text to speech. And you can choose the voice, speed as well as which part you want the add-in to read.
To use it, you need to install the app on your computer and then, it will be added to your Word tool bar.

Download: TextAloud


Dictate Plugin

Aside from turning text to speech, you may also need tools to convert speech to text to improve productivity. This works by means of speech recognition, so if you are tired of typing, or you are doing meeting minutes, this one will save your time and energy, it can dictate your and others’ speech. Even better, it can dictate and translate, so if you are listening a French speech but want to type in English, this one can help you do that without effort.

Download: Dictate


Translator Plugin

Get a document in foreign language, and want to know what the text is talking about? Try Translator developed by Microsoft! Another awesome tool in our must-have add-ins for Microsoft Word list. It can help you translate words, sentences, even the whole article easily. It will detect a foreign language and will automatically translate it into the language you set.
Even though it can help you translate the whole text, but we highly recommend you to translate paragraphs one by one, because the translator won’t keep the same layout as the original one, so it would look like a mess if you select all the content.


With the Microsoft Word plugins we recommend, you can manage your Word documents easily, and can use these plugins to work more efficiently and more excellently.

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