How to Make a Birthday Video for Facebook

How to Make a Birthday Video for Facebook

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Facebook is a very popular online social media where people can stay connected to their friends, families and share what they care about. When the person who is very important to you has birthday, you can try to make it special and express your love to him by sharing messages on Facebook. So what kinds of messages are you going to share? Usually, you may like to share messages with texts, photos or videos you shot. In fact, now you have the chance to make a birthday video for Facebook to make the celebration more engaging and meaningful.

How to make a birthday video for Facebook

With ApowerShow

If you have taken lots of photos, you can use ApowerShow to make a unique photo slideshow presentation. With ApowerShow, you can make vivid and fashionable videos by using your photos. Without setting the transitions between pictures, you only need to choose an appropriate theme. It has many kinds of unique and custom themes. Moreover, it comes with split screen feature which allows you to make before & after video effortlessly. You might also add various filters including black & white, sepia, vertigo, vignette, RGB noise, etc. to the video to enhance your video effect.

Here are the specific steps on how to make a birthday video for Facebook via this tool:

  1. Visit ApowerShow and click the “Launch Online” button if you want to use it online. To get a desktop version of the program, simply click the “Download” button below.


  2. When you open the program, you can see there are three tabs including Theme, Music and Export under the “MV” function. Go to preview all the themes under “Theme” and choose the one you like most.

    choose theme

  3. Click the “Add files” button, select the photos from your hard disk and then click “Open” to import them. Click the “Play” button on the left to watch the slideshows. You can change the theme to another if you find it is not suitable to your photos.
  4. Each theme of this tool has a background song. If you don’t like the music, just click the “Music” tab and the “Add music” button to import the song you like. Click “Play” button to preview the MV you created. Click the “Export” tab and “Export” button to output your work.

export MV

With ApowerEdit

Supposing you have shot videos for a birthday party? You can use ApowerEdit to make them more funny and entertaining. ApowerEdit is a very professional but easy-to-use video editor which offers you lots of functions. It provides you with a wide range of texts, filters, overlays, transitions and elements. It supports drag and drop, PIP effect, splitting, cropping, zooming, mosaic, setting duration, changing speed, rotating, flipping and many more. All in all, it nearly has all the features that you need to use for making a high-quality movie. It is no exaggeration to say that this tool could be your optimal choice for a Facebook birthday video maker.

How to use ApowerEdit to create birthday video for sharing on Facebook:

  1. Go to download and install the program on your computer.


  2. Launch it and import your video by clicking “Import” > “Import file”. Drag the video file to the video track. Select the video file by left-click, click “Edit” icon, and then you can start to edit it by changing contrast, hue, saturation, brightness and speed. You can also add zooming, mosaic effect to your video.

    import file to ApowerEdit

  3. If you need to add filter, text, overlay, element, etc. to you video, drag their templates to the right tracks. It allows you to design the text by editing its fonts, size, type, align, color, style and motion. The text will last for 4 seconds by default. To adjust the duration of text, click the “Set duration” icon and go to set the “Start time” and “Duration”.

    edit text

  4. Click the “Play” button in Preview area to preview your whole video effect. If you are satisfied with the result, you can click the “Export” icon to output your masterpiece.


It’s so easy to create a birthday video for Facebook by using ApowerShow or ApowerEdit! You might use either of them to make a cool and beautiful birthday wishes video to make your friends, loved ones or family members happy. Please note that the first tool is a quick slideshow maker, and the second tool is a multi-functional video editor.

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