How to Remove Filmora Watermark

Filmora is one of the best video editor to create a stunning video. But it is a paid software that need pay a lot of money to fully use its all functions. This can be frustrating, especially if you don't have enough funds for it. Fortunately, there are many reliable tools that can help you how to remove filmora watermark. Here are some of them. Check it now!

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how to remove filmora watermark

How to Remove Filmora Watermark

Using Filmora Itself

When it comes to video editing, Filmora is one of the well-known and reliable tools that usually comes to people’s minds. It allows you to combine, cut, trim, split, rotate, and other useful features. Unfortunately, a filmora watermark will be attached from your video because upgrading a free version into a pro version is required. Otherwise, it will leave a big watermark on your video which will make your file useless. For that reason, you have to get a license code first to remove filmora watermark. Refer to the instructions given below to achieve what you want for your video.

  • Open the software and from the top right corner click the “Purchase” icon and then click the “Buy Now” button, and you will be navigated from the purchase page.
  • Fill the form and pay the bill from there. After that, check your email for the registration code for the software.
  • Go to the window, click “Enter Registration Code”. After that, copy the registration code from your email and paste it to the registering window.
  • Then wait for a message if you registered successfully.
how to get rid of filmora watermark

Effective Ways to Get rid of Filmora Watermark

Apowersoft Watermark Remover (Windows)

If you want a straightforward way to remove filmora watermark, Apowersoft Watermark Remover is the recommended software for you. This stunning software provides basic editing tools to remove watermarks from videos and even photos while keeping the original quality. It has “Selection Tool” and “Trim Tool” which allows users to fully control the watermark in the video. When you use the Selection tool for the watermark, it allows you to change the size, move it anywhere you want and set the specific time for the watermark. To see how to remove the watermark from video using this software, refer to the steps given below to know how to remove filmora watermark.

  • Download and install the software on your computer.


  • When installation finished, launch it and choose the “Remove watermark from video” and you will be navigated to the corresponding area to remove video watermarks.
remove filmora watermark
  • Click the “Plus” button to import videos or drag and drop them from your computer to the program.
remove filmora watermark from video
  • Once done, click the “Selection Tool” then highlight the filmora watermarks of your video you need to remove.
get rid of filmora watermark
  • Finally click the “Convert” button to process and save it on your computer.
how to remove filmora watermarks

Remove & Add Watermark (Android)

Aside from useful software, you can also rely on an android app called Remove & Add Watermark to help you remove filmora watermark from video. It provides lasso and rectangle tools to select areas of watermark that your video has and remove it once selected. To use this app, see the steps below.

  • Open the app then choose the “Select Video” > “Remove Watermark” to import the video you have to edit.
  • Choose either from the selection tools to select the filmora watermark in your video you need to remove.
  • Finally, click the “Save” button at the top right corner of the screen to save the video into your phone.
how to get rid of filmora watermarks

Video Eraser – Remove Logo (iOS)

Another useful app to get rid of filmora watermark is Video Eraser – Remove Logo. This app offers a rectangle tool that can be used to remove any watermarks from your video. However, just like other apps, annoying ads often appear which can distract you while editing your video. But it’s still a good app to try. Here are the steps listed below to instruct you to remove filmora watermark.

  • Open the app, tap the “More” option then choose the “Crop video to remove watermark” option to import the video you need to edit.
  • After you choose your video, place the rectangle tool into the watermark in the video.
  • Wait for the video to be processed and tap the “Save” button to save it into your Library.
remove filmora watermarks


If you are looking for a user-friendly and efficient way to remove filmora watermark from video, Apowersoft Watermark Remover is highly recommended. Not only of the self-explanatory features it has, but it offers simple selection tools to get rid of filmora watermarks. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve used other tools to get rid of filmora watermark from video. 

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