How to Use Apowersoft Watermark Remover

Apowersoft Watermark Remover is a stunning piece of software that can magically remove watermark from image and video both. It allows you to select any area of the unwanted objects and remove them from your files in batch while keeping the original quality. You can add as many images/videos as you want and remove watermarks. Check the below content to understand and use the software better.

A Full Guide to Use Apowersoft Watermark Remover

Retrieve the Latest Version

The latest version always comes with better capability, performance, and more functions than its previous version. The easiest way to get the newest version is to download it from our official website. Or you can download and install the new one by clicking the download button below. But be aware that you must remove the old version before you install the new one to prevent any issues. You also get our software from some of our business partners, such as CNET and Softonic.


Purchase and Activate the VIP Account

Drop down “Help” > “Purchase” at the top left of the interface. From there, you will be guided to the shopping page. You have three subscription plans to choose from: Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime. Each one sells at a different price.

purchase software VIP

Figure out the correct way to activate your VIP account:

For users who don’t yet have Apowersoft accounts: Click the “Account” icon and choose the “Sign up” option from the pop-up window. From there you need to set your email address and password. Then the system will send you a verification code. Follow the instructions in your email to complete the rest of the process to activate the trial version. Note that the trial version will have a lot of limitations.

For users who have Apowersoft accounts: Click the “Account” icon, then enter your email address and password to log in the software. Later, you can use the trial version. If you have purchased this software, it will automatically be activated, and you can use all of its functions without any limitations.

activate software

Configure Settings

It’s recommended to configure the default settings before you start using this software to remove watermarks. Click the “Settings” button to configure the specific settings.


  • Check the option of “Open folder after converting” to get the prompt when your files have been processed completely.
  • Check the number of the files that you wish to convert simultaneously to control the CPU that the software will take to process the file.

configure the software


If you come across a problem when using this software, you can click “Help” > “Support” to go to the Support Center for help. If you want to send software feedback or ask for technical support via the ticket system, then you can click “Help” > “Feedback” to get help.

support and feedback

Image/Video Watermarks

Remove watermarks from Images

Add Images – Under the “Image watermarks” tab, click the “Drag and drop to add pictures” button to add the images, or directly drag and drop them from your computer into the software. You can add as many photos as you want at once. After the photos are imported, you can check them in the middle player window in real time. Click the “Clear list” button to remove all imported pictures from the software if you want.

add photos

Select Watermark(s) – Highlight the imported images listed on the right of the interface, you can have three selection tools to mark the watermark.

select image watermarks

  • The marquee tool allows you to select the watermark in regular shape.
  • The polygonal tool gives more freedom in select the watermark in irregular shape.
  • The brush tool lets you select the watermark in any shape. And it has three sizes for the brush.watermark selection tools

You can add as many areas as you want for the watermarks. Click the red “X” mark to delete the area you marked for the watermark.

Tips: Repeat the steps for other images. Remember that only images that have been selected the watermark will be processed. The free trial version only allows for choosing one watermark at a time.

Remove watermarks from videos

Add videos – Under the “Video watermarks” tab, click the “Select video” button at the bottom to import the video clips, or you can also drag and drop them from your computer to the software. Also, you can import as many videos as you want at one time. After the videos are imported, you can check them in the middle player window in real time. Click the “Clear list” option under the player window to remove all imported videos if you wish.

import videos

Select watermark(s) – Highlight the video thumbnail at the bottom, click the “Marker Tool”, a box will appear in the video, you can change the size of it, move it to anywhere that you want, and set the time for it if the watermark appears in the certain part of the video. By default, the time for the watermark box is set from the beginning to the end of the video. Click the “Add Trim” button, and you can set the time for up to 5 watermarks at once. Click the red “X” mark to delete the box if you want.

selection video watermark

Tips: Repeat the steps for other videos. Only videos that have been selected the watermark will be processed. The free trial version only allows users to select one watermark at one time.

Preview the changes

Check the “Preview” option on the lower right part of the player window, and you can see the result effect before you convert it. You must cancel the preview or stop the playback if you want to convert it.

preview files

Choose the output folder

Check the “Origin folder” to save the processed files into the default folder. Or you can also check “Custom” and click the “three dots” icon to set your preferred folder for the output files.

choose a folder

Start conversion

After the above settings, you can click the “Convert” button to process the files. Check the progress bar, and a window will pop up to remind you that the conversion is finished when they are converted successfully. Then the output folder will be opened automatically.

remove watermark

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How to Use Apowersoft Watermark Remover

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