How to Play Teamfight Tactics?

All the basic skills you need to know:

Little Legends

Basic Controls

Advance Controls

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LOL has now launched a new game called Teamfight Tactics. It’s a game with familiar characters from LOL, but in an auto-chess type of format. In this game, your main goal is to be the last person standing! Therefore, we are here to guide you on how to play Teamfight Tactics and help you to against other players in a more skillful way!

How to Play Teamfight Tactics

Little Legends

In playing this game, you will start by having a “Little Legend” which will serve as your avatar. To acquire new Little Legend, you can continuously play or purchase them through the LOL store. Once on the arena, you can move the Little Legend around by right clicking and you will be given an emoting animation.

Basic Controls

To start a Teamfight Tactics gameplay, it is important to know how to move your characters around. This is a game that has an auto attack feature, so you won’t need key combos in it. In fact, you can finish most of the things in this game by merely left clicking, such as clicking and dragging your Champions on the battlefield, giving items to Champions and purchasing or selling the Champions. The right clicking mainly helps you to inspect your Champions and study more information from them.

tft controls

Advanced Controls

  • Press “W” and hover over the champion to deploy it from battlefield to bench or vice versa.
  • Press “E” to sell a Champion easily.
  • Hit the space bar to focus the camera back into your Little Legend to immediately locate them.

Leveling the Champions

After becoming familiar with how to play Teamfight Tactics through the controls, the next thing you need to know is how to level up your Champion to its maximum power. The number of Champions that you can get increases as you increase ranking in the game. To get a certain skill such as Aurelion Sol skills, availing the character from the store is the easiest way. Meanwhile, you’ll have the chance to get a skill free of purchase, by continuously playing the game. Basic statistics such as Health, Attack Range, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Ability Power, Armor, Magic Resist and Mana, are needed in order to upgrade to improve your champions. In addition, the Star level also helps the Champion to increase its strength. For example, three Champions of the same kind can be fused together to create a stronger two-star copy of the same character. On the other hand, Tier is how the Champions are ranked according to their ability, the Tier 1 as the lowest and Tier 5 as the highest.

tft champions

Auto-chess Type of Game

This game is suitable for those who prefer games that require fewer actions from the gamer since Teamfight Tactics Champions will attack the opponents automatically without you controlling it. This proves the previous point that it is essential for you to know how to level up your Little Legends and Champions.

That’s all of the basic things you need to know about playing TFT. As you go on with the game, you are going to get more familiar with the game and discover new techniques for yourself. And by the time you can develop your own skills, don’t forget to record your Teamfight Tactics gameplay through screen recorders like ApowerREC and share your gaming experience.


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