Nowadays, screen recording is the hottest trend in terms of in-games and YouTube videos. People increasingly tend to create their own videos, make video tutorials, show off their game skills and a million other types of videos. At some point, game lovers record their game videos more frequently, so they can show it to their friends. Maybe the most popular software to record video games is Fraps. But it outputs too large recorded files. So many users are tired of using Fraps due to its large output and limited functionality. Therefore, looking for a good Fraps alternative progressively became a long trip for its users.


It is not hard to find some useful screencast software which indeed have advanced features as compared to Fraps. However, some are not always satisfy with users for the large size or complex operations. In this case, you can learn a great alternative from below.

Free Alternative to Fraps – Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

A good software should have seven essential elements associated with the ability of recording real time videos, HD videos, synced voice or sound, outputting light file size, editing videos and ease of use, including the help & support section. No matter you are agree or not, these elements are basic requirements for every user.

alternative to fraps

If you are looking for a free Fraps alternative, no need to go to another software as Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder makes it easier for you. It can not only record full screen activity but also record any part of screen. As for sound recording, it offered much more choices like recording videos with system sound, voice from a microphone, both or neither. So users can make a voice narration of their recorded video to make it more like a commentary footage effect. Plus, it gives you great flexibility and less hassle in making annotations while capturing HD videos. Do you want to make your video much vivider? As you like, you can add text, highlight, lines, arrows and others when recording.

program like Fraps

This best alternative to Fraps works as a brilliant recorder for games better than Fraps because it can track games and save the game play video in various video formats. If needed, users can even upload the recorded video to YouTube or FTP for sharing it to others. Moreover, it can also give you the ability to take screenshots and save images in JPG, PNG, TIFF and BMP files.

screenshot function

Overall, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is a brilliant web-based screen recording tool that works similar to Fraps. In addition, this tool also has a pro version which is more stable and powerful than the online version, you can download and try it from below.


Best Fraps for Mac to Record Videos

Another downside of Fraps is that it only work on Windows. Thus, many Mac users may look for Fraps alternative for Mac that functions the same if not better than the former. In fact, there are many Mac screen recording applications available in the market that feature the same as Fraps, one of which is called Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder. With this application, you can record anything displayed on your Mac, including a video clip, webcam, game or any other screen activity.

Alternative to Fraps

Aside from recording screen with audio, it also enables you to convert video files to various video and audio formats including MKV, AVI, FLV, 3GP and many more. To know how to use this Fraps for Mac, you can follow the simple guide below.

    • Download and install this Mac screencast program from below, then run it.


  • Before recording, you can configure the settings in “Options” as you wish, for example, you can set the desirable output folder, frame rate, hotkeys for recording, etc.
  • Then simply drop down “Audio input” menu and select the audio input source. (If you desire to capture game along with the conversation from you and other players, then “Both system sound and microphone” is recommended.)
  • Once these settings are done, you can click the “Record” button and choose a recording mode, then start capturing.
  • Hit the “Stop” button to finish the recording and it will automatically save your video to the output folder.

Fraps for Mac

More conveniently, for users who want to record screen during their absence, Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder can meet their needs. It supports creating schedule recording tasks, so you could simply grab everything on screen even when you’re not around.

In recording videos on Windows or Mac, users can make use of the alternatives introduced above, they both can serve as great alternatives to Fraps for their simplicity and rich functionality.

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