Facebook cover is a photo banner located at the top of your pages. They are usually in the form of photos. But since the update of Facebook in 2017, this feature has been enhanced and page owners can now set a video as the page cover. The video length must be 20 to 90 seconds long with 820×312 pixels or above (the recommended size is 820×462). Creating a cover video is not an easy job because of the size. Even when you crop it, you cannot export the file in the correct size. In this article, we rounded up the best Facebook cover video maker that you can depend on. Just keep reading.

Tips for creating Facebook Cover Video

Before we start, here are some points that can help us make a successful Facebook Cover video.

  1. Try to make your cover video attractive and interesting. Facebook cover videos play a very important part in getting more followers, likes and engagement. So, make them eye-catching.
  2. Make sure all important content you want to show are kept. Take note of that Facebook will crop cover videos for the best viewing requirements on the mobile and desktop.
  3. Facebook Cover Video has a minimum and maximum length requirement. The length must be within 20 to 90 seconds in duration. If your video is shorter or longer than the required length, the parts will not play when uploaded.
  4. The resolution must be in 1080p as a cover video. Facebook cover videos require a high-resolution to be uploaded successfully.
  5. The video should start playing automatically when people visit your page. You should make your video play automatically and loop when visters get into your page.
  6. Consider how your video will be played with and without the audio. There is a mute option in the lower right corner of the cover video. Choose how your video will be played to get the best result.

Best Facebook Cover Video Makers for Recommendation


It is known to all that Animoto is a reliable and convenient web slideshow maker. It has a large collection of templates for different kinds of purposes like business, marketing, education and explainer, etc. In addition to that, it offers 3000+ licensed audio tracks to insert into your video. Under the help of Animoto, it is very easy to create a great Facebook cover video even if you have never had related experience before. Let’s check the detailed steps to create Facebook cover video with it.

  • Open a web-browser then visit the official website of Animoto and sign up or log in your account.
  • After that, click “Get Started”, select a template and hit “Create Video”, then you will be guided to add pictures and videos.

    animoto fb cover video

  • Once the photos/videos are uploaded, you can now add an intro or outro text by clicking “Add text”.
  • After that, preview the video. And if it’s okay, click “Produce” to render your video. Once processed, go to “Download” and choose a quality to save your output in your computer.


Another Facebook cover video maker that you can rely on is the Wave.video. With it, you can directly output a video in the aspect ratio. There is a large library of professional clips you can use for your awesome Facebook cover video if you do not want to use your own video clips. And you can also add text over the video since the video is playing with the sound muted. Here are the step-by-step breakdown on how to make Facebook cover video using it.

  • Go to the specific page of Facebook cover video of Wave.video and create an account for it.
  • After that, choose a video from the built-in library or you can also upload your own.
  • Now switch to “Fb Cover” option. This tool has set the correct dimension for your Facebook video. No worry about the settings.

    Wave FB cover video

  • You can now add text to your Facebook cover video. Make sure the text is centered in the middle of the video so that it captures the audience’s attention.
  • After you finished the video, click the “Publish” tab and “Download Video” to your computer. You can then upload the video to Facebook.

How to Upload Cover Video After Creating Facebook Cover Video

Now is the time to upload the cover video to your Facebook page now. Be aware that the feature is not available via the mobile app. You need to log in your Facebook on the web.

  1. When you are at the Facebook page already, click the “Change Cover” button at the top left corner, select “Upload Photo/Video” option from the dropdown list and then select the video to upload it to your Facebook page. This might take a few minutes.

    upload fb cover video

  2. When the video is uploaded, you can adjust the part you intend to show in the center through drag and drop. Click “Next” when it’s done.
  3. Choose a cover image for the cover video before you click the “Publish” button.
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