How to Convert PDF File to PowerPoint Presentation

How to Convert PDF File to PowerPoint Presentation

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When you want to take the information from a PDF and put it into a PowerPoint, what are you going to do? Retype it all, page by page? No need for all that extra effort, because there are programs and online tools you can use to do the conversion. Here are the ways to convert PDF to PPT online or on computer with minimum fuss.

I. 3 Ways to Convert PDF to PPT Online

Apowersoft Online PDF to PPT

Apowersoft Online PDF to PPT is a free online PDF to PPT converter, which works fast and accurately. It allows you to process PDF documents in your local drive and save the converted PowerPoint to your local storage. Moreover, the PPT file got via this online tool is editable.

Apowersoft PDF PPT


Another option is, which is similar but with a few differences. First, it supports uploading files from local drive, cloud storage and via URL. Second, this free PDF to PPT converter uses a queuing system. It tells you how long you need to wait. And you can choose sign up its account for skipping the waiting period. This is not very use-friendly and a little bit time-consuming.

PDF Converter Website

Via Hipdf

Alternatively, if you have desire to free convert PDF to PowerPoint, try to use this tool. It allows you to either upload your own file from your computer or from Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and Box. It has a very smooth interface and it works quickly. And it also needs to sign up for batch conversion.

Hipdf PPT

If you need to convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation regularly but don’t want to open the website for the tools every time, you’d better use the desktop PDF to PPT Converter below. It is a versatile PDF management tool allowing you to create, edit, merge, and protect PDF very simply.

II. Advanced Tool to Convert PDF File to PPT


ApowerPDF not only supports a range of editable file types, but it also allows you to convert to PPT, Word, TXT, JPGs and many others. All kinds of files are at your fingertips. There will be no stumbling around in the dark when you begin using the program, as its interface is very clean and intuitive.


To use it, just open the file you want to convert, go to the “Convert” tab and then select “To PPT” to start the conversion.

ApowerPDF interface


If you have a few small PDF files to convert every now and again, the 3 free PDF to PPT Converters are available to you. In comparison with the free ones, ApowerPDF is more stable and professional. You can get many benefits from this PDF converter as opposed to free PDF to PPT converters. So if you are looking for PDF converter with super features, it is your top choice.

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