How to convert PDF file to PowerPoint presentation

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When you want to take the information from a PDF and put it into a PowerPoint, what are you going to do? Retype it all, page by painstaking page? No need for all that extra effort, because there are programs and online tools you can use to do the conversion automatically.

Here are three free ways to convert PDF to PPT online with minimum fuss.

Free way 1: Convert PDF to PowerPoint Online via email address

It is one of the most common methods, and it is only a two-step process. You simply upload the PDF file, enter your email address and the conversion will be sent directly to you as a downloadable file. Visit this link:

convert PDF to PPT via email

This is remarkably accurate, however, it does usually take a lot of time. Depending on your internet speed and the current quality and traffic of the online tool’s servers, it could take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. Upload alone for a one-page PDF can take more than 15 minutes. As a free PDF to PPT converter, however, it still has uses.

Free way 2: Convert PDF file to PPTX by using

Another option is, which is similar but with a few differences. First, an email address is not necessary to receive your converted file, though you can use it if you so choose. Second, this free PDF to PPT converter uses a queuing system. It indicates to you what place you have in the queue, and since it is fairly popular, the queue can be several thousand people long. It is efficient, but time consuming.

free PDF to PowerPoint

Free way 3: Free convert PDF to PPT Online from local file or from URL

To free convert PDF to PowerPoint from a URL, this is the tool to use. It allows you to either upload your own file or download it from a link. It’s got a very smooth interface. This particular converter is faster than many, but at the cost of reliability. You will sometimes get an upload error for unknown reasons, and the maximum PDF file size is 10MB, so it’s really a fallback option. Visit this link:

free PDF to PPT

If you regularly convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation and none of these free options are working for you, your next best choice is a desktop PDF to PPT converter with a little more muscle.

Apowersoft PDF Editor

Not only does the Apowersoft PDF Editor support a range of other editable file types, but it also allows you to convert to PPT as well. Word documents, txt files, JPGs and many others are available. All kinds of files are at your fingertips.


It does not rely on your internet speed and the online server speed to determine how quickly you get your converted file. It is done with the same fast, efficient speed every time, a huge bonus to people who convert PDF file to PPT on a regular basis, or people who have a shaky internet connection.

There will be no stumbling around in the dark when you first begin using the program, as the interface is very clean and intuitive.

The free PDF to PPT converters are all great tools, perfect for those with only a few small PDF files to convert every now and again and a bit of extra time available to wait. They can be a bit shaky, and they tend to punish those with bad internet connection, but they’re totally workable.

The Apowersoft PDF Editor is the professional, streamlined equivalent of those tools. There are many benefits of a desktop PDF converter as opposed to a free PDF to PPT converter, so if you are looking for something more, it is a good choice.

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