Do you often deal with PDF forms? Whether its signing contracts, filling out tax forms, or writing questionnaires, you will most likely need to read and complete PDF forms. The PDF form is generally divided into 2 categories: interactive and non-interactive PDF forms. In this article, we’ll outline 3 great apps to help you fill out a PDF form on Mac.

How to Fill out a PDF Form on Mac with PDFelement 6 Pro

complete a PDF form

  • For an interactive form, all the fields are available to fill in. You just need open the form you want to fill in using this program and fill out the PDF form directly.
  • For a non-interactive form, click the “Form Field Recognition” button to recognize the form fields automatically. Then, you can complete the form in its fillable fields.


You are able to create a PDF form and create your own fillable fields. Click on the “Form” button on the tool bar to choose text fields, boxes or buttons to add new text fields.

edit a PDF form

PDFelement 6 Pro can help you complete a PDF form on Mac easily. It is convenient that PDFelement 6 Pro directly sets the “Edit PDF Form” button on its opening interface. And if you open an interactive form, a notice bar will pop up that informs you that it contains interactive fields with a “Highlight Fields” button. In addition, PDFelement 6 Pro has some useful tools to edit PDF forms, such as the radio button, list box, check box, and dropdown.

Support System:

PDFelement 6 Pro is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14 (Mojave), 10.13 High Sierra and 10.12 (Sierra).


  • $79/Year for Individuals
  • $109/Year for Team

It is currently discounted on the official website. And you can also download PDFelement 6 Pro in Mac Store.

How to Complete a PDF Form on Mac with PDF Expert

complete a PDF form on Mac

  • If it is an interactive form, you can click on the text field or checkbox to edit.
  • If it is a non-interactive form, “Add text” and “Stamp” feature can help you to complete a PDF form.

PDF Expert is a versatile PDF editor popular for Mac. Its various, powerful functions makes non-interactive forms fillable in this program, which will save you both paper and time. Moreover, you are able to sign documents, add text and numbers fields, and draw your own checkboxes with a pen tool. These all help fill out a PDF form on Mac. And it supports the touch bar to greatly speed up your forms filling process.

Support System:

Currently PDF Expert for Mac is fully compatible with macOS (OS X) 10.12 or later.


  • $79.99/Lifetime

You are able to download directly from Mac Store. However, if you are a student or professor, you can get a special offer from its official website.

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro DC to Complete a PDF Form on Mac

fill out a PDF form on Mac

  • You can directly open an interactive form, and click on “form” button to add text or modify the format. You also can enable the “Auto-Complete” option to complete the PDF form.
  • If you need to fill in a non-interactive form, you can use the prepare form tool as well as fill & sign tools to make it fillable.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro DC is one of the most professional PDF readers available at present. Its abundant professional features can meet almost all demands to fill out a PDF form on Mac. Among them, the stamp feature has several styles to choose from and can adjust the color and opacity. Of course, you can change non-interactive forms to become a fillable format. Another point worth mentioning is that Acrobat Pro offers some keyboard shortcuts for filling in forms, which greatly improves efficiency.

keyboard to fill out a form

Support System:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro DC is fully compatible with macOS v10.12, macOS v10.13, macOS v10.14, and macOS v10.15.


  • $179.88/Yearly on the official website.


Based on the comprehensive experience, we rated these 3 apps.(for reference only)

Score Sheet(5-point scale)PriceFeaturesUsabilityTotal Score
PDFelement 6 Pro4444
PDF Expert5454.7
Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro DC3544

We’ve listed 3 great apps here for how to fill out a PDF form on Mac. All 3 of these apps can meet your needs to complete PDF forms. If you need to process PDF forms professionally, consider Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro DC. If you just would like to complete PDF forms on a daily basis, either PDFelement 6 Pro or PDF Expert is a great option. At the same time, you can look forward to the form feature of Apowersoft PDF Editor for Mac. We will launch this feature as soon as possible.

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