Consider selling your clothes online when your wardrobes are jam-packed is the best thing to do. Whether you can turn your old clothes into extra cash or clean out your closet. Now is the right time to know the importance of clothing product photography, which helps you to post quality photos to attract customers. It sounds a lot easier than done, plus it may be time-consuming and difficult. If you are a novice and don’t know what to do, then read this post as we listed some of the tips for selling clothes online.

List of Photo Tips for Selling Clothes Online

Easy-to-follow Tips for Selling Clothes Online

Before you start putting your clothes on sale and posting them in your desired marketplace, you have to consider first the photo tips for selling clothes online that help you increase sales. Here are the tips or techniques you can follow.

selling clothes online

Be Honest in Your Clothing Conditions and Descriptions

Before making a purchase, it is your potential buyers’ mindset to know the details about the clothes they are buying. Providing the fact that you will sell online is only secondhand. The purpose is to know the condition – to make sure if the clothes does not have stains or holes. Having said that, if you are a seller and would want to refrain from any issue with your buyer make sure to present your clothes well.

One of the useful photo tips for selling clothes online is to tell your buyers about the descriptions with integrity. It is inevitable that potential buyers will compare your clothes to other clothing stores online. So you have to tell everything your buyers need to know about the item you will sell. This includes the size, brand, and condition, as well as the nuanced feature if there’s any.

Capture Clear Photos

It is not necessary to go to the studio to achieve high-quality photos which help your item stand out. You can take a clear image even at home without spending too much money especially if you have a smartphone with a high megapixels camera. This is one of the best tips for taking pictures of clothes to sell. However, not all mobile phones are created equally particularly to their camera. Once you have discovered a smartphone with a good camera, then you have to learn how to use it properly.

take clear photo

Set up your Background Like a Pro

Having a good first impression is better, but it is more beneficial when your background of your product photo is simple but pleasing to the eyes. Some people think looking for materials to acquire a white background is difficult and expensive. Good news, there are many options for a white background clothing product photography. You can have it for a cheaper price from buying to a convenience store, drugstore, or art store. Just make sure to buy a pure white or off-white.

How to Change Clothes Background to White with Apowersoft Background Eraser

Apowersoft Background Eraser is a professional photo editor that enables users to remove background in any photos precisely and change it into a plain color background. It comes with a user-friendly interface and built-in solid color backgrounds. For you to learn how to get a white background for clothing product photography, follow the steps given below.

  • Open the app and choose the recognize product to import a photo.

    apowersoft featured image

  • Then your background will be removed instantly.

    apowersoft featured image

  • Next, tap the “Background” > “Color” tabs to pick a color white.

    apowersoft featured image

  • Once finished, hit the “Save HD” button to save it.

    apowersoft featured image


This app is also available on the desktop version and online sites. You can get 100 images for free by visiting its web version page.



There you have it, your full guide to clothing product photography. Remember to follow all the aforementioned techniques in order to acquire good-quality clothes products and increase sales.

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