Change PDF Background Color Online or Desktop

Change PDF Background Color Online or Desktop

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A PDF file is one of the formats that are difficult to edit. Because of that, people are looking for software that can help them in this kind of editing problem. If you love reading on a computer screen surely it can strain your eyes, for that reason a lot of readers are changing the background color of their PDF file. In that way, readers can make reading PDF files easier on the eyes. Below are online and desktop software that you can use on how to change PDF background color.

2 Different Methods to Change PDF Background Color

Part1: Online solution on Windows (Free & Paid)

Apowersoft Online PDF Editor

Apowersoft PDF Editor Online is an online tool that is a comprehensive solution in changing background colors on some PDF files. It has a simple interface that can easily adopt and implement. Moreover, it lets you experience how to manage, convert and of course edit your PDF file. In just a few steps below you can change PDF background color online:

1. Go to its website and click “Edit online” to launch the software.

2. Select the file that you need and choose “Pages” and go to Page design and click “Background” then “Add”.

background color

3. Click “From color” and set the color that you want for your background and hit the “OK” button.

add color


Another tool that you can use in changing the background color of your PDF file is PDF2GO. It is online software that has an accessible interface which is easy to understand. This software can change text color and background color which is a difficult feature that others don’t have. Below are the steps that you can follow to change your PDF background color using PhantomPDF Online.

1. Open its official website. On its interface, click “Choose file” then select the file that you want to change its background color.

2. Under “Options” choose “Color” and hit “Background color”.

choose background color

3. To change the background color, go to “Replace document color” to set the color that you want.

Table of Comparison

FunctionApowersoft Online PDF EditorPDF2GO
Add ,update and remove frequent color option
Set a transparent background
Edit the color option

Part2: Desktop solution On Windows (Free & Paid)

Adobe Acrobat

One tool that you can use in changing the background color on your PDF file is Adobe Acrobat. This is a desktop software that offers users to easily navigate the program. In that way, users can change the background color of their PDF file in just a blink of an eye. This tool is also known for its features such as export, comment, combine files, organize pages and more. However, you need to pay $14.41 annually to use this software. To change the background color of your PDF file using Adobe Acrobat read further below.

1. Download and install the software on its official website and choose the PDF file that you will use in on the tool.

2. Select “Edit PDF” at the right side of the program and click “More” > “Background” > “Add”.


3. Click on the background color you would like to use, then hit the “OK” button.


SodaPDF offers anything you need to edit a PDF file. Even though, you need to pay in this software it will surely help you a lot. It is designed to help your busy schedule. SodaPDF is a solution that will help you in changing background color in your PDF file. It has advanced features that can edit your PDF file the way you want it. Besides, you can create, convert, insert, secure and more. Here are the steps that you can follow in changing the background color of your PDF file.

1. First, download and install the tool on its webpage. Under “File” click upload and choose the file that you need.

2. Second, go to the “Edit” section and choose “Background” and set the color that you want under select content, and then hit the “OK” button.


3. Once you are done, click the “File” section and choose “Save us” to save your edited work.

Table of Comparison

FunctionAdobe Acrobat ReaderSoda PDF Anywhere
Adjust the opacity of the screen
Set a transparent background
Add ,update and remove frequent color option
Edit the color option
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