PDF is widely used nowadays because it is compatible across many different devices and for its stable file type. However, there sometimes you may find a file with pages that are not in the correct order. So, how to change page order in PDF files? Don’t worry, in this passage, I’ll recommend three convenient ways to solve this problem effortlessly.

3 Easy Ways to Change PDF Page Order


As its slogan says, the software offers one-stop solutions for PDF Files, Edit, Convert, Compress, Sign, Merge PDF with Ease. It contains the fundamental functions of a PDF file reader as well as an extremely clean interface. What’s more, it’s hassle free and easy to use. So how to reorder PDF pages in ApowerPDF?

  • After downloading the software on your PC, install it.


  • Open the file you want to change the page order.

    file open

  • You can click the page button.

    pages button

  • Drag and drop the disordered page to the right place.

    drag and drop

  • And then you just need to save it.

Foxit Reader

The second PDF pages reordering software is Foxit Reader, which is both well-known and powerful. Aside from the basic functions ranging from editing, signing, commenting, and combining PDFs, the software is also able to help with changing PDF pages order. So what should we do? The processing of PDF files with disordered pages in Foxit Reader is quite different from that in ApowerPDF.

  • Launch the program and choose a file whose pages are disordered.
  • Click “View page thumbnails and re-order pages” button.

    page thumbails

  • Rightclick the disordered page thumbnail and choose “swap pages”.


  • Input the page number you want to change, and you can swap the location of two pages.

    input number


If you don’t like downloading software for the purpose of changing files page order, the third method is right for you. It’s an online tool called Hipdf which can help you change PDF page order online. Hipdf is an all-in-one online PDF solution belonging to Wondershare. By using Hipdf, you can edit PDFs directly in your web browser.

  • Visit its official page and click “choose file” to select the file you want to edit, or just drop the file into the box above.

    choose file

  • After uploading, there are some page thumbnails displayed.


  • Drag the disordered page and drop it to the correct location.


  • Apply and wait until the file is processed.


  • Then download, save it and you can reorder PDF pages in right place.

Besides importing files from local, Google Drive, and Dropbox, Onedrive is also supported. However, the number of uses is limited, as you can only use it twice within 24 hours. For the sake of using it without any limitations, you have to log in and subscribe.


Generally speaking, the method of changing PDF page order in ApowerPDF and Hipdf is similar. But one is on PC and the other is on the web. To handle files with a few pages, drag and drop is fantastic and convenient. Once there’re too many pages in the file, drag and drop doesn’t work as well andunder these circumstances, the function “swap pages” can be more efficient. And if you don’t have a stable internet connection, you can’t use Hipdf. But you don’t have to download any software to use it. So which one do you use and why? Let us know with a comment below.

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