Safe and Reliable Sites to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Safe and Reliable Sites to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

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When it comes to YouTube, we all know it is the largest video sharing platform for free watch and upload videos. It hosts all kinds of videos which cater to the taste of different viewers. Music fans are also regular visitors of YouTube for most famous music videos can always be found on it. And many individuals aim to download MP3 from this site for enjoying free music easily. Actually, there are various ways to rip audio from YouTube, yet many users still prefer to utilize a web-based application to do this job. This is due to the fact that online tools do not need any installation then won’t require hard drive space on your computer. And there’re many online YouTube to MP3 converter sites are simple, can be utilized by beginners smoothly.

However, an inferior tool may be inefficient and even brings virus to your computer. In order to avoid these troubles, here handpicks the really workable and clean tools that you can look at.

Best Sites to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

1. Apowersoft Free Video to MP3

Free Video to MP3 is a great audio ripper tool that can instantly grab YouTube to MP3. And it also can grab audio from numerous sites like Veoh, DailyMotion, MySpace, Vevo and many more. An interesting feature of this tool is that it lets user specify desired output formats like MP3, ACC, WMA, WAV and etc. To convert YouTube MP3 using it, just copy the URL of a YouTube video and paste it to the URL box of the tool and hit the “Convert” button. In no time, the output settings menu will be shown on the current page. Choose the exact settings that you want and click “Download” button. In addition, you are allowed to search YouTube music videos that you want by entering keywords.

2. Video Grabber

With regard to Video Grabber, many people will come up online video downloading. Actually, it is also one of the valuable sites to convert YouTube to MP3. Aside from the downloading function, it also comes with online converter and video editor. When it finishes downloading YouTube video, you can convert the video to MP3 file format and save to your local disk. This site works well on both Windows and Mac platforms.
Video Grabber

3. VidToMP3

When it comes to the best site to convert YouTube to MP3, VidToMP3 is one of the most convenient web tool we can rely on to convert YouTube flash videos to MP3 audios. Even though it is an online application, VidToMP3 will not force users to sign in or download some plug-ins to use the service it offers. The only thing you need to do is put the video link in the designated box, click “Go”, and it will do the rest for you. Soon, it will give you a link to download the MP3 file.

convert YouTube to MP3

4. MakeitMP3

Need to acquire YouTube MP3? Then use MakeitMP3! This is another Java running program that functions as a video to MP3 converter/downloader. Beside the download box, some knacks for using it are listed clearly. You can refer to them and go ahead to download MP3. The highlight of this online tool includes an option to select a Standard or High quality audio output. Just be sure to keep your Java update-to-date to avoid any alteration with its function.

make youtube to mp3

5. YouTube-MP3

When it comes to well-known website to convert YouTube videos to MP3, one application that surely be included is the YouTube-MP3. This is due to the fact that this web-based app can turn your YouTube video to MP3 within seconds and you can grab the converted file within few minutes. It is compatible with mobile platforms, and works normally on iPhone, Android and Windows phones. The only drawback is that you cannot use it on Chrome browser for it has been warned by Google.

youtubemp3 site

6. Video2MP3

Another application that can be utilized to for YouTube to MP3 conversion is the Just like the other online converters that we have discussed, this tool can also rip MP3 audio from video within minutes depending on one’s internet speed and video file size. The only thing that concerns me about this app is it stops working and makes your browser crashes sometimes.

video to mp3

7. FLVto

Next in line is the FLVto, a tool which is able to turn YouTube to both video and audio formats. It works just like the other online apps that require video URL. After inputting the URL to allocated space, just choose MP3 from the list of formats, and then press “Convert to” icon to begin conversion. The good thing about this program is that you can select an audio output aside from MP3. And you can send the converted file to your email as well.


8. ClipConverter

The last site to convert YouTube to MP3 is the ClipConverter, a great tool for music grabbers across the net. The concrete usage of it is somewhat different from similar sites. Firstly, enter URL to the provided media box and click “Continue” button. Next, choose output format. And then configure the conversion options. The last step is to click “Download” and save file to your computer. You can rest assured that ClipConverter could convert YouTube to decent quality local audio.


9. Dirpy

The online tool attached with complete functions, you will surely bring you lots of conveniences and benefits. The basic function is to convert video to MP3, and you are free to choose the output quality including 256kbps, 192kbps, 160kbps and 128kbps. Depending on the file size, the conversion process will last from several seconds to a few of minutes. You also can enjoy other additional functions like audio edit, ID3 edit and video downloads. But you should notice, the videos over one hour cannot be converted successfully.


10. AudioThief

AudioThief claims itself as the fastest YouTube to MP3 converter site online. It works with Dailymotion videos as well. The site recommends the hottest MP3 and recent downloaded MP3 for you. In this case, you can follow the trend all the time. After you convert the video, the site also will show the related MP3s on the download page. Besides, users are allowed to cut MP3 file and do simple audio edits when necessary.


If you haven’t converted any YouTube video to MP3 yet, then you can start doing it so by drawing support from the eight applications mentioned above. You will surely benefit from their feature especially if you are an online app enthusiast.

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  • When I down load a U tube converter n it works fine then I will give you a comment. Thanks
    • I tried using clipconverter. Its not working for me because everytime i tried to download the converted file, it gives me a different file. Can you PLEASE help me?!
      • Then I suggest you to try other sites which provided in this article. They are all proved to be workable.
    • Listen to Youtube (Choice #2) is no longer safe. It opens a link that leads to starting an .exe. Viruses are on this site.
      • Hey GhostFace, you need to copy the URL of the YouTube video and enter it into the URL box in the and hit "Go" not the other Download or Play buttons.
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