Practical Ways to Mirror iPhone to TCL TV

Practical Ways to Mirror iPhone to TCL TV

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You and your friends are browsing through the photos and videos you’ve taken from your recent trip. You’re excited to tell them about all the fun and memorable experiences you had during your tour. However, you need to pass your iPhone from one person to another so everyone will be able to see what you are talking about. In actual fact, you can mirror mobile display onto a larger screen. That big screen Smart TV in your living room is a great way to show off your photos or videos. To teach you how to do so, here we have listed best tools you can use to mirror iPhone to TCL TV.

Best Solutions to Display iPhone to TCL TV


ApowerMirror is an application designed to mirror and cast mobile screen onto TV in a few simple steps. Once your phone is mirrored to TV, you will be able to stream all your media files, including videos, photos, games, and music. ApowerMirror can recognize and play the videos from your local storage, as well as videos from popular video sharing sites. Also, the resultant audio will come directly from your TV. Additionally, you can use this app to play a document presentation that is stored on your mobile phone. It allows you to mirror your PowerPoint, Word, PDF and other document files to a larger screen. So, if you want to screen mirror iPhone to TCL TV using this program, please refer to the guide below:

use apowermirror to stream iphone to tcl

  • To establish a successful connection, you must connect your TV and iPhone to the same network.
  • Download ApowerMirror on your TCL TV and your iPhone. Install the program when the download is complete.

  • Open the program on both devices. On your iPhone, bring up the “Control Center” by scrolling up from the bottom of the screen. Tap “Screen Mirroring” then a list of devices will appear.
  • Connect your iPhone by selecting the name of your TV from the list.
  • Once done, select any media that you want to play and you will soon see it playing on your big screen TV.

Google Chromecast

The next method is by using a streaming device called Chromecast. It can project any media directly from your iPhone right onto your TV. As long as you have the compatible apps installed on your phone and the streaming device and iPhone are connected to the same network, you may use this tool. Chromecast allows you to open and play any video from popular streaming apps, like Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and the likes. You will also be able to use your mobile phone device to navigate the content. Once the content is showing on your screen, you can use your smartphone to play, pause, adjust the volume and more. Now to learn how to stream iPhone to TCL TV using this dongle, you should refer to the step-by-step guide below.

mirror iphone to tcl via chromecast

  • Open your TCL TV and iOS device.
  • Plug the Chromecast dongle into your TV and its power cable to the nearest outlet, or into one of the USB ports of your TV.
  • As soon as it is connected to the same wireless network as your iPhone, you can now install Google Home on your iPhone and launch.
  • The app then will search for nearby devices, select the name of your Chromecast device once it is detected. You may also tap “Set up” to manually add device.
  • After connecting, your content now should be shown on your TV screen.


Another app which can help you send your photos and videos onto your TV is called AllCast. It also enables you to cast multimedia from iPhone to Samsung TV, Sony, and Panasonic and other smart TVs. This app has a simple and clear user-interface. It grants users easy access to content from its pull-out menu. There, you can find the shortcuts to your music, photo and video galleries. Moreover, AllCast is capable of loading content saved on your Dropbox and Google Drive (with the accounts synced on the device). Here’s an instructional step-by-step guide you can follow to display iPhone to TCL TV using this app.

use allcast app to mirror

  • Install the app from the App Store.
  • Run the program and allow the app to access your media contents.
  • Now select the video or photo you wish to play and tap the cast icon located at the bottom left side of the app.
  • A list of devices will be shown. Tap your TCL TV from the list to connect.
  • After this, you should now be able to display your videos and photos on your TV screen.


All of the methods provided above are will absolutely help you with mirroring your iPhone to any smart TV, such as a TCL smart TV. You can try each method to determine which one suits your needs. To summarize, ApowerMirror and AllCast are the best choices if you want to stream without using a cable or dongle. But, Chromecas has been developed solely for the experience of streaming. However, we still believe that ApowerMirror is the best pick. This is because it is simple and easy to set up compared to the Chromecast.

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