Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is a powerful screen capture application that comes with multiple practical functions. With it, you can easily record any screen activity with audio input from system sound, microphone, or both. The recorded videos can be saved in various formats including WMV, MP4, VOB, AVI, FLV, GIF and others. Besides, this screen recording program also features the ability to schedule recording task, upload videos to FTP and YouTube, take screenshots, convert and edit video, etc. To know how to use this program in detail, you can follow the guide below.

How to Use Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro



Configure Settings before Recording

In this recorder, you can configure settings like audio input, the recording mode or other advanced settings before you need to create a screencast. These presets are for you to ensure the recording elements of the screencast.


Choose an audio input source

It’s better to confirm the audio input before the recording. You’re able to choose from three audio sources within this program, which are “System sound”, “Microphone”, “System sound and microphone”. Choose one according to your needs.

audio input


Configure general settings

You are able to do some advanced settings to meet your other particular requirements. Click “Settings” on the interface, then select “Options”, another box will then pop up. In this box, there are multiple recording settings for you to produce high-quality screencasts.

Set Hotkeys and Output Directory

This screen recorder enables you to select output directory and control recording via keyboard shortcuts from the “General” settings. To facilitate recording, it also provides considerate options in “Recording” settings, such as “Show countdown before recording”, “Show recording toolbar”, “Include cursor in capture” and many more.

options pro

Record Mouse Cursor

When you want to make instructional tutorials, you will be in the need of recording the mouse cursor movements. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro allows you to record screen with mouse cursor movements. To record mouse cursor in capture, you can check the “Include cursor in capture” box, then click “Mouse style settings” from advanced options. After that, you can choose the animation color, mouse hot spot color and size.

mouse cursor

Customize Output Video Format

The recorded video can be saved in WMV by default. If you want to save recordings in other formats, you can go to “Settings” – “Options” – “Recording”, then choose your desirable output format from “Video format” menu.

output format

Customize Bitrate, Frame rate and Others

Before recording, go to “Settings” – “Options” – “Recording” – “Advanced video settings”, from here, you are able to choose the bitrate, frame rate, audio format and other elements for recording video.

frame rate


Record Screen

Once you have done above settings, you can then follow the guide to start recording screen with this application.


Select one recording mode

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro grants you to record anything on the screen, as well as the audio on your computer. It has five recording modes for you to choose: Region, Full screen, Around mouse, Web camera and Only Audio. Drop down “Record” menu and select one recording mode you like.

Note: After recording, the “Record” button will turn into “Start”, you can drop its menu to choose desirable recording mode. Or you can directly click “Start” button to start recording in your last recording mode.

recording mode


Initiate the recording

If you choose “Region” mode, simply click and drag mouse cursor along the region you want to capture, then release it. Once confirmed, this program will immediately start recording after you click the “OK” button. You can also customize the recording resolution in this step.

click start

If you desire to capture web camera, just select “Web camera” from the recording mode. Then the camera image will appear, you can hit the “Start” button to begin recording.

Tips: Please make sure your web camera is connected to computer properly before you launch this screen recorder. Otherwise, it cannot detect camera successfully.


Move recording region while capturing (Optional)

In the latest version, the function of moving recording area while capturing is added. With this useful function, you can now move the screencasting area to other part of your screen. Basically there are two ways for you to do this trick.

One is by moving the region without pausing, but this requires you to enable “Allow to move the recording region while capturing” before recording by going to “Settings” – “Options” – “Recording” – “Advanced video settings”. Once this settings is done, you can move the region by placing your mouse cursor at the four corners of your capturing region. Another way is to pause the recording and then you will see a cross tool in the middle of the recording area, then you can click and drag it to any region you like. This way does not have any requirements in settings.

move region


Annotate screen during recording (Optional)

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro allows you to edit the video during the recording, too. You can add lines, arrows, circles, rectangles and texts to the video. To access the editing options, you just need to click the pen icon directly, or you can also pause recording first and then make use of the editing options. If you want to make a picture-in-picture recording, you can click the webcam icon on the toolbar to insert webcam to recording.

edit video


Finish recording

Once the recording is done, you can hit the red stop button to finish it, then the screencast will appear on the recording list and also be saved to your local disk automatically. When a screencast is created, you can playback, rename, remove, delete or upload it as you like.

more functions


Schedule Recording Tasks

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro has a function of creating schedule task for recording. To access this feature, simply go to “Settings” in the middle of the main menu, and then select “Task Scheduler”. You can set the task name, start time, duration and the stop time, the recorder will start recording your screen automatically according to schedule as planned.

schedule task


Upload Screencasts to YouTube

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro enables you to upload the screencasts to YouTube directly. If it is the first time you use it, click “Upload” on starter interface and select “Upload settings” option. Then, you can enter your email address and password of your YouTube account. And remember to check whether you have enabled access for less secure apps by clicking the link of this note below “Password” in “Upload settings”.

upload settings

After finish those settings, you can right click the recorded video from the media library on the main interface, and select “Upload” from the pop-up menu. Next, a video information window will appear, just fill in the title, description, tags for uploading. Then click “OK” to confirm it. Next, you can check the uploading progress in “Status”. Just wait a few seconds till the uploading completes.

upload progress


Take Screenshots

Aside from above features, this screen recorder also gives you the ability to take screenshots in PNG, JPG, BMP and TIFF formats. To use this function, just click the “Screenshot” button on the top of the interface. Then your mouse will turn into cross-hair, just like making recording, you can click and drag along the region, then release your mouse.

take screenshot

To make your screenshot more vivid, you are allowed to perform quick edits like lines, arrows, blur, highlight, text and others. Once these editing are done, you can upload the snapshot to the free cloud space provided by screenshot.net, share via social network sites, or directly save to your hard disk.


Record iOS Screen as Video

With V2.0.9 or later versions of this screen recorder, the iOS screen recording plug-in is added. To use it, just drop down the “Record”/”Start” menu and select “iOS Recorder” from the menu. Then just wait a few seconds to automatically download and install this recorder. When finished, you can then refer to this detailed iOS Recorder guide to know how to use it.

ios recorder


Convert and Edit Video

In addition, this screen recorder also provides video editor plug-in which allows you to convert video/audio files to various video/audio formats. And it even features the ability to trim and crop video, adjust brightness, volume, saturation and add watermark, subtitles to the video. To use it, simply right-click any recordings in the media library of this screen recorder, the select “Edit” from the menu. Or you can directly click “Edit” on the main interface, then wait a few seconds for downloading and installing this editor. Once it’s done, you can follow this video editor guide to learn how to use this function.

convert and edit

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