How to Use Streaming Audio Recorder

1. Introduction

Streaming audio recorder is a versatile and practical software which enables you to record both system sound and microphone sound from the computer. Besides, it also comes with extra intelligent features, including search, download, convert and audio-to-text functions. This guide helps you to know more about this software as well as how to use it.

2. Installation

2.1 Download and Install

Simply click the button below to download and install the software.


3. Audio Settings

3.1 How to enter the settings

Click the settings icon at the top right corner of the program’s mainboard and select “Settings”. Then, you will find “General settings”, “Record settings” and “Download settings.”

find settings

3.2 General settings

Under general settings, you can choose whether to launch the program when Windows starts, or set your own shortcut keys for certain recording features. Don’t forget to click “OK” to save changes. And if you want to reset all the changes you have made for the settings and get back to the default ones, simply click “Reset dialog warnings” is alright.

general settings

Meanwhile, if the shortcut key doesn’t work, please check whether the shortcut key you have set is conflicted with the ones in other programs running at the same time, as the same hotkey combination will conflict with each other.

3.3 Record settings

Under record settings, you can select whether to identify ID3 tag information for the recorded track. Plus, make sure you have selected the sound source, quality, and format you want for the recording and click “OK” to save the changes. And you can also enter “Advanced options…” at the bottom to set automatic skipping features.

recording settings

3.4 Download settings

Under download settings, you can set download configurations and output directory according to personal preferences.

download settings

4. How to Record Sound

To record the sound, simply click the audio source icon and select the sound option you want. Next, click the red record button to start the recording is alright.

select audio source

To finish the recording, click the red pause button and the recording will be saved to “Library”.

stop audio recording

5. Task Recording

Task recording feature allows you to set the start and stop time for the recording, so that the recording will start by itself without you being there.

Click “Schedule Task” at the bottom of the mainboard.

start task recording

Then, you can set the task name and all the details of how you want the recording goes. Once the configurations are set, click “Create” to confirm the task and click “OK” to exit the settings.

set tast schedule

6. Audio Editing

Click the second menu icon at the top right corner of the program’s mainboard and choose “Audio Editor” to enter the editing panel.

audio editor

6.1 Import audio file

Click “File” → click “Load file” and upload the track you want to edit.

import audio file

6.2 Select track area

Simply drag the icon at the beginning and the end of the track to select an area you want to edit.

select track area

6.3 Edit Panel

To use the first three editing modes, please select a certain area and choose “Copy” first.
Paste in “Append” mode: Insert the selected area to the end of the track.
Paste in “Insert” mode: Insert the selected area to the chosen place.
Paste in “Mix” mode: Mix the selected area to the chosen place.
Delete selected part: Delete the selected area from the original recording directly.
Reduce to the selected region: Keep the selected area only.
Select all: Select the whole track.
Cancel selection: Deselect the chosen area.

edit panel

6.4 Tools Panel

Please check the info below for how to use each function under Tools panel.
Insert silence: Insert a silence part at the chosen place.
Append audio files: Add a new audio track to the end of the recording.
Insert sound file: Insert a new audio track to the chosen place.
Mix sound file: Mix a new audio track to the chosen place.
Overwrite with sound file: Replace the current track.

tools panel

6.5 Playing the Track

Simply follow the image below to play the selected part of the whole recording.

play the track

6.6 Export and Save the Track

Click the export icon at the bottom → Choose the format, audio quality, and saving directory for the recording → Click “OK” to save the recording.

export the track

7. Music Library

All the recorded tracks will be automatically shown at the “Library” which you can find from the left panel of the program’s mainboard.
Right-click a recorded track and you will be able to manage the audio file.

audio library

Play: Play the recording.
Add to playlist: Add the recording to the default playlist or the ones you created.
Edit: Enter the editing panel.
Convert: Convert the recording in different formats.
Add to iTunes: Add the recording to iTunes.
Identify: Automatically capture the multimedia information of the recording.
ID3 Tag Editor: Edit the title, artist, year, genre, and the cover of the recording.
Burn to CD: Burn the recording to a CD.
Rename: Change the name of the recording.
Remove: Remove the recording from the playlist, but the audio file is still saved under the default output folder.
Delete: Delete the recording file completely.
Open folder: Open the default saving folder for the recorded tracks.
Select all: Choose all the recordings at the same time.

8. Audio to Text

Click “Audio to Text” at the left panel → click “Choose file” to upload the audio file → Click “Convert” and the conversion will start right away.
Please be noted that the conversion only adapts to the recording within 30 minutes.

audio to text

9. Text to Audio

Click the bottom place to exchange the “Text to Audio” mode as the image shown below → Input the texts you want to convert at the first blank → Click “Convert” and the conversion will start right away.

text to audio

10. Audio Converter

Enter the second menu icon at the top right corner of the mainboard and select “Audio Converter”.

audio converter

Click “Add” to upload the recording → Select the recording → Adjust the format, quality and output directory you want to set for the recording → Click “Start” to begin the conversion.

convert audio file

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  • Great program!
  • I can download songs and record songs I like.
  • Will you ever add an audio edit function to remove background noise, which is a feature of many recordings?
    • Hi, thanks a lot for your suggestion. We will evaluate it.
  • How to automatically set a name to a file? am using apowersoft and i want my downloaded files to automatically use the file name mentioned in the website i download from. please help me.
    • Hi, the software will add the name automatically mentioned in the website. Just go and have a try!
  • How do I delete tracks from search window please
    • Hi, thanks for your feedback. Currently, the software don't have this function. We will consider your suggestion and discuss it with our product manager.
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