Using keyboard shortcuts is a great way to boost your productivity as it can help you turn multiple mouse clicks into a simple press of hotkeys. Likewise, you can use hotkeys to enhance your experience in using ApowerREC. Some of them are displayed in “Settings”, while others are hidden and set by default. Here we have listed all the supported keyboard shortcuts in ApowerREC (Windows) for users’ easy access, you can check it from below.

ApowerREC Default Hotkeys

General Hotkeys (Changeable)

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Custom recording regionF6
Start / Stop recordingF7
Pause / Resume recordingF8
Show / Hide annotation panelF9
Take screenshotF10

change hotkeys

Hotkeys in Making Annotation

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Draw a rectanglePress and hold Ctrl
Draw an ellipsePress and hold Ctrl+Shift
Draw a linePress and hold Shift
Draw an arrowPress and hold Alt
Draw a squareSelect rectangle on the annotation panel, then press and hold Shift
Draw a circleSelect ellipse on the annotation panel, then press and hold Shift
RenumberClick numbering icon on the annotation panel to renumber
Select red / green / blue colorR, G, B
Undo last actionBackspace / Ctrl+Z
Clear all the annotationsRight click in recording area or press Delete

Hotkeys in Previewing Video

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Volume up / downPress ↑ / ↓ or scroll up and down
Speed up / Slow downPress Ctrl+↑ / Ctrl+↓
Forward / Rewind videoPress ← / →
Full screen playback / Back to actual sizeDouble click on video or press Esc
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