Add a text link in the PDF to access web pages, data included in the document, reference materials, etc. Download ApowerPDF and follow the tutorial below to learn how to edit PDF text links.


Use ApowerPDF to edit text links

Add a link

  • Open the PDF file.
  • Click Edit> Links > Insert Rectangle Link.

    insert link

  • Select the position where you want to insert the link, and you can adjust the appearance and border style.


  • Go to a page view: Select “Go to a page view” and click on the link to jump directly to the linked page.
  • Go to a named position: When your file contains a named position, you can click “Go to a named position” to link to it.
  • Open a web link: Add a link in the selected area, enter the website link, and you can jump to the linked website.


Delete link

Click “Insert Rectangle Link”, select the link frame and click the Delete button on the keyboard to delete the link.

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