M4V is a video format developed by Apple Inc. It is similar to MP4 but M4V may optionally be protected by DRM copy protection. Moreover, M4V has a larger file size compared to MP4 file. However, large files can give us a lot of problems. You may have difficulty sharing or uploading M4V files online. It may also take up too much space when you save it on your device. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help you from having these problems. Most of them offer multiple functions to compress or convert a video file online or through desktop software. Here are the top 4 ways on how to compress M4V.

Top 4 Ways on How to Compress M4V


This tool is a must-have program when you need to compress a M4V file. This tool allows users to compress not only M4V but also other types of files like photos, videos and PDFs. It also supports various kinds of formats for photos, videos and PDFs. Using this tool, you can compress your files quickly and with good quality. Moreover, it can batch compress lots of files all at once.

Steps on how to compress M4V using ApowerCompress:

  • Download and install the program by hitting the Download button below.


  • To compress M4V, simply add your file to this program and then set the compression strength, output resolution and format.
  • When you are done, click the “Compress” button.

compress M4V with ApowerCompress

Online Video Compressor

Another way is to use Online Video Compressor. Unlike the tool mentioned above, it doesn’t require you to download anything. It is an online tool that is perfect for beginners or even people who are not tech-savvy. Just having an active internet connection on your device, you are a few clicks away to compress your file. This tool is safe and totally free. It allows users to compress large files quickly and supports various video formats.

The simple guide to compress M4V using Online Video Compressor:

  • To compress M4V file using this tool, the first step is to visit its webpage.
  • Click the “+” button to upload the video you wish to compress.
  • Select a compression type and then click “Compress” to begin compressing your video.

    add M4V to compress

  • When it finishes compressing your M4V file, you can click the “Download All” button to save it.

download compressed M4V

Online UniConverter

Next on our list is Online UniConverter. It is an online tool that offers the same functions as the tool mentioned above. It can compress videos in different formats. This tool can also be used to convert video and audio, edit video, and compress audio too. Users might get confused when using this tool because it has a lot of features besides just compressing video. But the important thing is that you can still compress M4V video using this tool.

How to compress M4V using UniConverter:

  • Just simply visit its webpage.
  • Click the “+” button or drag and drop your file into the import area.
  • Select a compression type you desire and then click “Compress”.

compress M4V online

FileZigZag Online File Conversion

The last tool we want to recommend to you is called FileZigZag Online File Conversion. It’s also an online tool which can convert M4V videos. It is a tool with pretty basic functions but it can compress your video file size easily. It has the same functions as other online video compressors, but the only thing that makes this tool different is it allows users to receive the compressed file via email after compressing. However, its user interface looks quite poor.

Steps on how to compress M4V using FileZigzag:

  • Go to its webpage.
  • Click the “Select” button to add your file and then select zip format in the box under “Convert to” option.

    FileZigZag Online File Conversion

  • Type in your email address and then click the “Convert” button.


Those are the best ways on how you can prevent yourself from encountering the file size limitation problem when sharing or saving M4V files. Whenever you need to compress M4V, simply use the tools discussed above.

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