How to Use ApowerPDF Watermark Feature

1. Introduction

It’s available for adding or removing a watermark in ApowerPDF. Open the software, and then click “Pages” > “Watermark”(under “Page Design”). The detailed steps of watermark feature are listed below.

2. Add Watermark

Click on “Pages” > “Watermark” > “Add” tab.
It’s available for adding both text watermark and image watermark.
You can add text watermark directly in the text column. And if you would like to add an image watermark, click on “File” (under “Source”) > “Browse…”.
watermark feature
ApowerPDF supports to set appearance, position, rotation angle and content of watermark.
You are able to adjust the position of the watermark on the file by setting the vertical distance and horizontal distance parameters of the watermark. These settings can be previewed on the right side of the pop-up window.
add setting of watermark
1. The default setting for the page range of adding watermark is all pages. You can click “Page Range Options…” at the bottom left of the pop-up window to set page number. ApowerPDF supports adding watermarks on a certain page or consecutive pages.
set page range of watermark
2. If your file already has a watermark, and you choose to “Add” watermark, the software will prompt you to choose to update watermark in case the new watermark might be overlap the existing one. In this case, you can choose to “Update Existing” or “Add New” according to your needs. If you already have a text watermark in your file wanting to add another image watermark, click “Add New”.
add setting of watermark

3. Update Watermark

Click on “Pages” > “Watermark” > “Update” tab.
If your file comes with a watermark, you can update the content of the watermark. It’s available for increasing or decreasing the text watermark. And you can directly adjust the distance between the two watermarks in the text column.
update watermark

4. Remove Watermark

Click on “Pages” > “Watermark” > “Remove” button. Then you need to confirm whether you want to remove the watermark in the pop-up window.
remove watermark
If there are multiple watermarks in your file, clicking “Remove” will automatically remove all watermarks.

5. Why can’t I remove the watermark?

Sometimes, when you click “Remove”, it will prompt you that no watermark was found. What happened? The following are possible situations where there is a “watermark” that cannot be removed.
The key reason for this situation is the “watermark” is not added through the watermark feature – no watermark parameters
1. Some “watermarks” may be disguised as to watermark mode by adding text or PNG images. In this case, you can click “Edit” to delete the content.
2. Some files with watermarks actually are scanned and converted to PDF format. The originals of these scans have watermarks, so after scanning into a PDF file, it will also have “watermarks”. This kind of “watermarks” cannot be removed.

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